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Do you need a more effective way to study for your exams that will bring your grades up to A+? We might just have the perfect solution on how to improve your studying technique and your grades! Today we will teach you how to study properly!

Tips on how to study for tests have been around since…well, since tests. Back in the day, people did simple things such as leave Post-it notes all around the house, therefore etching information into their brains every time they boiled water. Numerous study hacks are out there nowadays. We are told that for some people, if they read out loud rather than silently, they are much more likely to remember what they read. Another great tip is to become the teacher, so once you’ve got something, teach yourself as if you were in charge. More in line with the modern era, we are also told to use apps that turn off distracting notifications. But will that get you straight A’s? Today, we’ll look at a super hack, in this episode of the Infographics Show, The Study Hack That Will Help You Get A's.

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The Infographics Show
What are your teachers and parents saying to make you study harder? Can you write down a phrase that is used to motivate you? What works best?
Someone explain please I dont really understand
I don’t know why does exams exist if you will forget all the things you learned
Just be Asian 😷✌️
Emma Emma
After reading all these comments, I'm like, " Oh Ghosh! Really!! Why was I born in Asia???"
For me the method I use is understand what are you studying and picture it in your mind and teach yourself like the video said and rest after your done studying and also avoid sleeping late night because you won't be able to study well. I try these methods and it might help you pass or get an A+ on your exams.
I’m not your Average cute penguin
I’m just failing my math class and if I don’t get a passing grade by the end of the year I’m looking at a possible retention. Aaannddd I have a constitution test coming up.....wish we didn’t need school 😭
Ivy’s Gacha Galaxy
Thanks! I have state testing in March and April then in May I have semester exams 😪
I used to get straight A’s but lately I have gotten A’s and B’s.... help!
What the heck is the manual??? I’m so confused
JF Rob
where can I buy this manual?
‘’Don’t study’’ - NothingButShame
How to copy :
You Need AirPods. Open A Video On Your Phone And Pair The Phone With The AirPods. Start The Video. Put The AirPods On Your Left Ear. Always Have Your Hand Next To Your Left Ear So They Cant See Your AirPods. You Hear The Answers And Write Them On Your Paper With Your Right Hand
I’m A Smart Ten Year Old.
I’m here..cause’ I got a B+...
Lily Killeen
So basically just say I can do it that's the whole vid

Shahariyar Alam Mahin
Actually i didn't get the hacks but feeling happy bcz now i am aware of about " The mindless" 😉😉😉
Oh yeah yeah

I hate my life
if ya aint cheating, ya aint trying
Micah Bockisch
My problem: Getting mad at myself for getting a 99 instead of a 100.
wahab pancakes
Thx now i work for google and apple
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BEFORE YOU GO TO SCHOOL, WATCH THIS Why Doing This Will Get You A+ On All Your 4 months ago   08:14


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3) How Children Learn, John Holt
4) The Global Achievement Gap, Tony Wagner

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