Steven Gerrard ● The Sniper | Best 50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget 3 months ago   08:56

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Yunus Çolak
04:10 is too cool to be real, i mean look at his body when he shoots. Very classy...
Namaan Hussain
Whats the first song
Nobody put their foot through it from the midfield like Stevie G. My favorites are the cup final against West Ham.
You're are my idol
Anton Tulit
our captain, our faith, our future!!! YNWA!!!
Hydra Aka Cyrex
Better then Messi back in the day
National information Technology
S.Gerrard captain whole of the world
He is legend absolutely player
Bilal Ahmed
@Steven Gerrard you're a legend man beast at volleys and long shots and chipping #YNWA #LFC FOR LIFE
Jeférson Souza
chutava muito
ishaque m jam
Gerrard was just amazing. If we had him this season at his prime. Y.N.W.A
Intel Kore
2019. Put him on the bench, super sub!
Being out of the country between 1995 and 2015, I never really realised what a fantastic player he was. Seriously impressed. Only saw him playing for lacklustre England teams, didn't do him any justice at all. Real trooper, too. Smart and hard don't always go together.
eric stewart
You could put him in goal. He would still be the best on the field.
Levi Simpson
Sure Win
제라드형.. 골대부수것네,, 지린다
Sapon Dowari
I'm a Barcelona fan but I love this man😍😍 He was an absolute monster...No one can have the powerful shots than this man
Forever in hearts
Sultan Sahota
Not gonna lie, I read the title as "The Slipper" at first 😂
Hello Its Me
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50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget Steven Gerrard ● The Sniper | Best 3 months ago   12:27

Title: 50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget
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