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Steven Gerrard ● The Sniper | Best | 50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget - At Up-Tube.com

Steven Gerrard ● The Sniper | Best 50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget 5 months ago   08:56

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Mohammed hussain
Ishmael Forester
Best English midfielder since Charlton?
Kiwi adventures
Steven Gerard and Alex stayed at our place as a guest. He even helped with the dishes. Pity our kids could do with a bit more training.
1:06 bet Milner will like that :)
Brumik Tv
John Cambridge
“The question of how good Gerrard might have been had he played with better players throughout his career is an interesting one. Usually, one assumes that a higher quality of colleague will unlock a higher quality of performance, but Gerrard’s best moments seemed to come when he looked around and thought, “Well, nobody else is going to do this, so I’d better get on with it…”
Being better than his team-mates seemed to inspire him – was that what made him so good, and such a hero with the Liverpool crowd? Gerrard didn’t control games in the same way that many central midfielders do, but he decided them. He was a player of moments… but what moments. “

Tbf throughout Gerrard’s career we still can count the amount of quality players he has played for...imagine if he plays in today team..he got mane,salah, Firmino to feed..Fabinho to cover while he joining the attack..vvd,Matip ,Allison to assure him everything is fine (just go we will cover u) robbo and taa to cross him the ball...wow..this was Gerrards dream that he never be able to be in..you give him 1 world class player to play with him he be unstoppable..imagine you give him almost the whole team?? Scholes and Lampard played with very good players throughout their career and their team consistently competing because they had resources and momentum while us we never had they resources and 1 season we rebuilding and then next season I don’t know we were we..just didn’t have the momentum to compete every season let alone the money..And I don’t even want to talk about Roy Hudson reign..it’s just embarrassing ..I think after Klopp took over the path became clear ..even though some fans still heavy criticizing Klopp and then we won the 6th ucl..finally..now we got the momentum and the foundation is strong now..only if Gerrard could play in this team...captain fantastic forever!!
As a Chelsea fan it pains me to say this but I think Gerrard is better than Lampard after watching this...I didn't realise he had such quick pace and the ability to beat players so often when he was in his prime. Plus every other goal is made out of nothing and that counts for a lot!
Hello Its Me
Kyle Muckian
Steven gerrard is the best midfielder in premier league history
Literally no footballer in the world can score these goals as consistently as Gerrard did, one of the best footballers in history
P.S. why do u add stupid music to this? It never makes the video better, i just wana hear the english commentators and fans. Music sucks
Atharv .S. Iyer
If played in team like current liverpool he would be among one greatest of all times , one of the most complete footballer ever
Really miss him... Still watching his goals even now
Every goal he ever scored was world class.
Louis Vega
John Emrich
Greatest long shooter ever
Anindho Pratomo
I thought it was slipper when I first read it..

But in seriousness though, if you watched the game against Chelsea when he slipped you'd know that he was forcing too much long range shoot, which actually gone in vain. Rather ironic seeing the slip as the most memorable mistake he's ever had, when in fact it was his inability to judge his own shooting as shown in this video.
Cool Dude
Question is.... why do they let him shoot 🤔
Im not from the UK but my uncle and his family live in Manchester and are big United fans and my nepphew got Gerrards autobiography book as a christmas present and he was happy with it. Knowing their rivalry with Liverpool it was kinda odd to see a United fan give this to another United fan but it said enough to me about this player :) Absolute Hero!
Frank Feng
Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, Beckham = Queen's cannon.
Tyler Antonio
Imagine saying Paul Scholes or Frank Lampard were better than this guy.
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50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget Steven Gerrard ● The Sniper | Best 5 months ago   12:27

Title: 50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget
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