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Inside A $40 Million Dollar Miami | - At Up-Tube.com

INSIDE A $40 MILLION DOLLAR MIAMI 2 days ago   12:04

Lifestyle Production Group
Support Our Channel 👉 https://lifestyleproduction.com/

We formed Lifestyle Production Group to help the growing world of luxury real estate, hotels, goods, and services inspire high-end global clients through incredible digital media.

Our international team brings expertise in every dimension of digital imaging, production and creative services to craft an image that will seduce and motivate luxury-minded audiences.

Clients in top markets trust us with their product and vision, and time and again we deliver unforgettable media experiences that elevate their brand like never before.

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Lifestyle Production Group
O 305-699-5741

Comments 59 Comments

Lifestyle Production Group
Hey guys, thanks for watching! Tune in tomorrow for another incredible property tour. As always, please SUBSCRIBE for all the latest videos.
Cameron Chiyas
Beckham bougth It
Gorgon Don
Yanks are embarrassingly Mcnupid
Jeremy Corbyn
Is there an elevator? Asking because carrying the shopping up to the penthouse would be a pain
It looks amazing I could pay $5M for it ..... $40m wow too expensive
lancelot blue
NCC Fitness Juiceplus Adrienne Hicks
I watch these videos like a movie! I dream build! Will definitely be buying my Dream Home from here🤗
shruti nahar
♥ Amazing!!!
Vault Of Entertainment
For 40 million you should get the whole building
Jhon Zuluaga
isnt that the building where GC lives ?
Mirta Sirta
Con las consecuencias ya evidentes del cambio climatico este tipo de inmuebles es la peor inversion a largo plazo, que los amorticen a corto como alquiler turistico
Gulfstream-TV Studios
Coral Titan
a dream.
Andreo Suro
скучно чето, как в ледяном замке у снежной королевы :))
Marco Quesada
Wow. That wonderful 40 millions penthouse in Miami. Miami is the city with the lowest pay salary in US , fill with mansions and high life not for the locals because they are underpaid.
Marcus Bodington
Crew nice job on production, and thumbs up goes to post.
it looks .... sterile, almost corporate. Lots of sharp lines, but no warmth.
Chomba Ranks
I came from I want to buy to I want to build
Bentley Tran
Loving it. Maybe one day i can buy me one.
Danger Zone
Why stop at penthouse? Buy the entire building.
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INSIDE A $40 MILLION DOLLAR MIAMI 2 days ago   08:59

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