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Cold As Balls All-Stars: Cold | The Rock & Kevin Hart Bromance - At Up-Tube.com

Cold As Balls All-Stars: Cold The Rock & Kevin Hart Bromance 7 months ago   03:16

LOL Network
Terrell Owens doesn't hold anything back once he steps inside the ice tub. T.O. is calling out his weak opponents and defends his most infamous celebration dance.

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Tavi Murd
Ezekiel Elliot next?....🤔
KG Hall
"Did yall have uniforms???" LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Da Plug
dead inside
That was my favorite T.O. celebration
I have always supported T.O., while everyone attacked him for being a prima donna or having a bad attitude, I was defending him because he was right. When he called out the Eagles players for partying during the week, he was right. Those guys are supposed to be professionals and you can't perform at your best when you're hungover. T.O. is one of the best WRs of all time and the haters are genuinely jealous a-holes. Name another WR that cried defending his QB(Romo)? You can't!
david knappert
Cold as balls, Brian Shaw!
Timiko Johnson
2:41 def jam reference
TJ Matthews
Wow lol still As funny As ever. Love watching episodes
Miguel Pascual
Did y’all had uniforms?😂😂
You should make next video with Luka Doncic (Dallas mavericks NBA player) he is one of the best rookies in the game right now. And he is 2nd in the all-star voting.
Ameen Sadeghi
this show is not funny kev you can do better
Saúl A
David Goggens and Larry Wheels should totally be on here
Sage 888
Milwaukee Quel G
Cardi B
I love this episode...more to come
weave snatched
T.O.’s body is so chiseled that im scared lmao
Osaid Khan
Mystic Kryptic
T.O's genetics are insane.
Rodney Hawkins
Trey R
Why does he have the body of a robot, look like a black terminator.
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The Rock & Kevin Hart Bromance Cold As Balls All-Stars: Cold 7 months ago   11:18

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