Gage SHOCK Fans And Labelled Dudus Prison Photo Leak 1 day ago   13:47

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Jerome Richards
The government need to do more it well serious how much more people has to die or get sick
Ann Chang
Gage bloodcatt depressed and confused him need fi go refill him Prozac prescription and check in a the asylum cause something seriously wrong wid da bway deh plus him a waa attention seeker...
Gaza Jade juicy Brown
You mean snitch nine and his hair is multi-coloured just like the rainbow flag from what I can see gages his recording Green ❗💯 games does what he wants to do gage love the controversy whether he's black or bleach that's just him
Brikz Starz
Courtney Chang
Up look bro it up gaza nation flavor an style we seh woman we seh
James Hamilton
Right look like a stunt ting Gage deh pon! Me even have a strong feel seh anuh him write him songs dem yah now....because how tf U a medz something sensible fi only a do foolishness
Bary Wright
These Mosquitoes were bred to kill the ppl and boost the repellant companies revenue. Be careful of the pipe water ppl.jah bless Jamaica ppl.
Kushheights ElohimRaah
Jamaican government not going to do anything about that they already sign a agreement with the bigger ends with the fucking system to kill your children are off if you don’t over stand my friend people cannot depend on the government Jamaican Jamaican is need to come together and fight them all war
Riho Brown
Cant please people especially some fans from another artist big up gage do anything yuh want
Jermane Lawrence
Keep jamaica clean more signs needed asap Politricks unity tired a di 👻dem😂
Juvenile N-HAANNCE
Gage mi rate him but him confuse that is the old image nothing wrong with been black
Kenhi Fresh
The system was built on crime and violence and that's the way they like it mosquito disease's, Ebola, AIDS ECT. Was created for population control and that's why I DONT vote for these pussy's Kartel,Bob Marley, bounty killer & more done show we how government stay.....
S Don
The g really start bleach back smh, mi stop n mi glad nah bleach back
Badbruk Brian
Di man nuh have a image fi himself all now,every song sound like a a next artist,every look him copy from a nex artist...
V-clan str88888
gage a suck hood Fi fame dem boy deh shit up like kartel inna #2 cell
Paper Marshall
Gage color too chip like chines phone
Maybeline Claire
The DENGUE FEVER video should've been your LEAD video AND your TITLE.

...just goes to show the PRIORITY Jamaicans give....

Finess Two times
Gage need to find him own lane all this freemason bleach skin ting nah go get yuh up and that image look old like a throwback him just re upload
Dennis Williams
Hairstyle can't make you a snitch.
Rhoan Reid
Gage full a talent but im confuse im fih mind ow far im willimg fih guh cause a rainbow 6nine battybway colour dat
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Dudus Prison Photo Leak Gage SHOCK Fans And Labelled 1 day ago   10:02

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