Cristiano Ronaldo "Hall of Fame"ft. Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 Crazy Performances 10 months ago   03:32

Brought to you by ETfilms, the best moments of Cristiano Ronaldo In Manchester United
Music- The script "Hall of Fame" ft.
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Naskuu Ali
After he retires,FOOTBALL SURELY WON'T EXIST FOR MANY FOOTBALL FANS,SURELY FOOTBALL WORLD WILL NEVER BE AS HIGHLY LOVED AGAIN.Only one player i hope will keep me in football is SALAH.He is an inspiration surely i love everything about him.
Naskuu Ali
The greatest video of CR7 and the greatest video there ever will be of CR7
Gustavo Ferreira
Eu digo: esse cara quando jovem era um trem bala,continua monstro hoje
Aimeigh Crowley
Philly Philly
This is one of the most beautifulest video ever
gaurav Gote
Cr 7go go go £££
Gajraj Jaiswal
Ronaldo fans: G.O.A.T
jealous messi fans:shitty player
Hùng Vũ
Shaksham Sadaula
Matteo Pitzanti
Ivan Eef
I use to watch this before traning when i was kid.
Puia Puia
Who will be Ronaldo next
Poseidon CSGO
I love this video
Sadanand Amilpur
2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Daniels Bitāns
Normal video like
Candice N'guessan
And then you suddenly think about his retirement... One day 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Your hard work and dedication will forever be an example for generations to come. Thank you boss 😎😎😎😎
Zeeshan Zeeshan
Tom Cruise + CR7 Hall Of Fame
maria Jose armenta angarita
Actually Cristiano When in The manchester United He was Beautiful player Soccer but I love Him👨🏻🏆⚽️😍❤
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Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 Crazy Performances Cristiano Ronaldo "Hall of Fame"ft. 10 months ago   19:46


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