Cristiano Ronaldo "Hall of Fame"ft. Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 Crazy Performances 1 month ago   03:32

Brought to you by ETfilms, the best moments of Cristiano Ronaldo In Manchester United
Music- The script "Hall of Fame" ft.
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Nuznq nyv
Just tell me .. Please ... I am 21 years and 7 months ... Can I play football or not?
Nouvfurx Xngbpu
Those were the days.....i hate him😢😢 for not returning here....i always had hope😭..that one day he ll return
Znk Ivpgbevb
Really wished he would’ve came back to Man Utd.
Noqhy Enhs
To do all sorts of daily task
uneel naq Pbaabe Uhturf
He is great
3:12 its a i dont now
3: 12 yani robotmuş
Avzvfu Wnvfjny
Ronaldo is best player
Nzwnq Xuna
What an editing bro.. extraordinary
funlqra 123 Ubqtfba
Amazing it makes me belive in myself
Bzne Mnqena
Anyone today watching miss my memories
Onfgvna Fvyin
Juventus CR7 💪👍🇮🇹🇵🇹😃🤗
Gur Ahgrfph 7
I honestly don't know why but every time i watch this i get goosebumps.
Man this guy changed the premier league, wish he was still in the premier league
Fnenu Onzon
Rqvan Oranyvn
Mfnargg Ubeingu
My hero is Cristiano Ronaldo i whach and sing this song every day Sick edit😍❤️💪💪💪💪💪💪😯
Ovquln anaqn
Fuck u Rolando, messi is better than u
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Cristiano Ronaldo - 10 Crazy Performances Cristiano Ronaldo "Hall of Fame"ft. 1 month ago   19:46


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