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Mel Gibson | Mel Gibson’S House Tour-2019(Inside | Top 10 Most Expensive Rapper Homes - At Up-Tube.com

Mel Gibson | Mel Gibson’s House Tour-2019(Inside Top 10 Most Expensive Rapper Homes 1 day ago   02:59

sports Live24
Mel Gibson | Mel Gibson’s House Tour-2019(Inside & Outside).

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Comments 74 Comments

1 ova kind
Very classy and tasteful
It stimulates continuous prosperity. You just get the feel of rich forever and not the I’m gonna be broke in a few years like most celebrities. Specifically rappers
I could definitely live in that
Laura 1984
Good for you, Mel!!! Love this style home, English Tudor I believe! I would change a couple of things .
ya know, I think I like the house. Elegant, yet comfortable 10/10
Iv gwad
Where is the poor Mad Max ?
Margre Edholm
The ktchen is horrendous
Karen Hicks
Good on him a nice guy worked hard he decided it so Mel enjoy your home each to there own I was looking at tiny homes I think there nice but each to there own Australia have some nice tiny houses and beautiful beach houses as well
Magick Power
How can he still have this house or money after his divorce?
It seems that this video was done before he moved into the property there's nothing in there to say he lives there
sue Downey
All these homes are so traditional and boring looking. If I had their money I’d be overlooking the ocean, plus I’d have more of a special flair like wood in certain areas and maybe water fall, etc. add more personality, charm, and homey feeling.
Patton Was Right
If you want to know who rules you, buy Mel Gibson a drink
Joe Home
I used to own a house li!e this. I sold it because itwas too small for me and my pets. Penthouse pets.
Jeremy Sphincter
Hey, where the fuck is everybody?
Silent but Deadly
Hard knocks Montage
Are the pack of n- hanging out back?
Greg Snow
He needs an interior designer and a professional landscaper.
Vicky Ingals
In Greenwich CT
Carmen D
Mr. Gibson if you see this message your next movie should be about adam and eve but the real story. It wanst an Apple and a tree. They were just metaphors.
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