Ralu Calatoreste - UCL Liverpool - Barcelona Liverpool 4:0 Barcelona Incredible Scenes! 1 day ago   16:20

Raluca Muresan
I was on Anfield for the Liverpool - Barcelona game of 7th May 2019!! Most amazing experience ever!

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Ahmed 263t9 Medohev
انا من مصر بعشك ليفربول بحب محمد صلاح وفرمنيو
memi moe
Now..im going to cry
Socratease 1
Good stuff.
When you were singing YNWA, you looked like the cutest angel. 9YNWA6TIMES!
pink peak
ดูแล้วน้ำตาก็ไหลออกมาสะงั้น สักครั้งหนึ่งจะไปร่วมเชียร์ที่สนามแห่งนี้ก่อนตายให้ได้ครับ
Dan Maguire
Did anyone see trents corner, f**king spectacular, Divock ORIGI!!!!!!!!!!!
Julio Gamboa Salazar.
Is LIVERPOOL!!!! The best Club OF the World!!!!!!!!!
#Never Give Up #YNWA
rob peake
See gerry Marsden most days walking his dog on the wirral
Ilove you liverpoll from indonesia
Mike Sutton
Great video! And look like good fans! But makes me sick that I live 4 miles from the ground and cannot get a sniff of a ticket! Where were all these fans when Blackpool were beating us at home? I know where I was, I was there! And as soon as we do well the tickets get sold off as packages! Not having a go at these fans having a go at the club! Been on a waiting list for a season ticket for 7 years now getting no closer
Roses are red
Violets are blue

The title is in English
So why not u
Rangdajied Chyne
From my point of view I’d say the only team from English premier League to create history in the champions league is only Liverpool FC n this game will be a game to be remembered for years and years to come Good job Liverpool FC 👏👏👏👏👍👍
Godfoot Channel
#YNWA from Indonesia🇮🇩
Saputra Wahyu
No stadium, this is home 01:28
#YNWA From Indonesia
คอดียะห์ สิมพิมพ์
I love​ ​Liverpool... Thailand...
Yothin 62
I have watched this game a hundred times.
very happy
From the kop Thailand
Liverpool FC YNWA
Sick some scouse bellends love it’s good for you with love juice in ur mouth the sticky 💋
Michelle Bachellet
An American from Peru and die hard fan of Real Madrid but this is a special moment in soccer history. Congrat to Liverpool. There 3 places I have to visit before I died: Jerusalen, the Vatican and Anfield
Andie Nuar
Ini Anfield .. luar biasa.. #YNWA
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Liverpool 4:0 Barcelona Incredible Scenes! Ralu Calatoreste - UCL Liverpool - Barcelona 1 day ago   21:16

Maybe Anfield's greatest ever night as the Anfield crowd helps to destroy Barcelona 4:0

Liverpool FC come back from 0:3 down after the first leg to beat FC Barcelona 4:0 at Anfield and win 4:3 on aggregate after an incredible performance from the team, supporters and ball boys!

A first half goal from Origi on 7 mins then two in 2 minutes from Wijnaldum in the second half levelled the tie before Trent Alexander-Arnold used a cheeky bit of deception to put in a quick corner for Origi to score the winner!!!