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The Germans - Bismarck And The German Empire | History Of The Indian Wars - At Up-Tube.com

The Germans - Bismarck and the German Empire History of the Indian wars 3 months ago   42:28

DW Documentary
Prussia's Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck paved the way for the first German nation-state. Bismarck became the Chancellor of the new German Empire.

The failure of Germany’s March Revolution (1848/49), a futile attempt by bourgeois liberal forces to restrict the power of Germany’s rulers, unite the German Confederation and establish a constitutional parliament, led to the imposition of "unity from above” as Prussia's Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck paved the way for the first German nation-state. By the mid-19th century, Germans were still not united in one state. The Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck wanted to change that - not through parliaments or majorities but, as he said, "with blood and iron." At that time, the German Confederation was an alliance of more than 30 independent states, with Austria and Prussia at their head. But when Prussia wanted to incorporate the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein against Austria's will, it became a test of power: Who had the say in Germany? Austria or Prussia? The vote for war or peace took place in Frankfurt am Main, the seat of the German federation, on 14 June 1866. Austria's proposal to mobilize the federation’s forces against Prussia was accepted. Prussia saw the vote as a declaration of war and walked out of the federation. That spelt its end, because the member states were doing exactly what it was set up to prevent, going to war with each other. Austria’s armies were routed, and from now on Germany and Austria went their separate ways. Austria was literally pushed out of German history. Bismarck’s victory over Austria was a triumph worth a monument to the Prussian fatherland: the Victory Column in Berlin. The North German Confederation of 1866 under Prussian leadership was the precursor to the united Germany of a few years later. The south German states such as Bavaria, Baden and Württemberg were initially aloof but that changed with the war against France in 1870. The common enemy united the Germans and their nation. In January 1871, Bismarck declared the birth of the Prussian-German nation-state in the palace of Versailles. For the first time in their history, the Germans were united in a single state with a single capital: Berlin. Bismarck became the Chancellor of the new German Empire. The overall balance of his domestic policies was mixed. On the one hand, they saw the creation of a modern parliamentary system and a welfare state with health, accident and pension insurance. But on the other, Bismarck was pitted against both Social Democracy and the Catholic Church.

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DW Documentary
This documentary is also available to watch in Spanish: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/HGErcgCiaNV
combo gogoi
Cody Shi
The guy who fail to assassinate Otto Von Bismark looks like John Wilkes Booth, the guy who assassinated Lincoln.
'Dont mess with the Russians' --Bismark
Germany united in 1870 and within 70 years it allowed one of history's most evil man to rule it. Perhaps Germany
should have remained small, different states after all.
Pierre-Emmanuel Ansart
British anthem during the coronation of Wilhelm... something got wrong :)
Erik smith
When the kaiser ended the Treaty with Russia that Bismarck had worked so hard for - we got WW1 WW2 and all the other bs that we should not have today ...
if dude used an actual revolver Bismark would have died, pepper box guns like that are notorious for lack of stopping power even in that time period. The only real reason they exist is because Sam Colt was SUUUUPER interested in upholding his patents
Grand German Empire
Support the empire
Lucky Hunter
Proud to be a german 🇩🇪❤
Realy Hubert
The this documentary doesnt show the life of the ordinary soldiers, workers and the woman (they are just 50% of the population) so this is just a small part of the truth.
Realy Hubert
Where I am from (Bavaria) calling somone a "Prussian" is to this day an insult. Calling the wrong guy prussian and you get the beatings of your life
DaviloX07 _
Only if current Germans were as proud as the Germans under Bismarck
Kie Holt
Justin E. L.
I'd like to see more of these documentaries! I'd love if you'd release more of these in English. As someone of English and German heritage, this is a very enjoyable medium to learn more about the land of my fathers.
岡田茂吉 Mokichi Okada
There are many people who admire Mr. Bismarck in Japan. Mr. Bismarck gave great advice to Japanese people who visited Germany.Germans are great!We Japanese love Germany and Germans very much. God bless Germany and Germans!Japan always protects Germany.
Germany and Germans are the best in the world!
Karen Peters
Great series!!!
Momin Saad
German history is very sad like Palestine and Iraq
M Lau
Later the Germans named a battleship after him.
Mônica Lustosa
Did you forget that after William I came Frederick III. Willy was William I’s grandchildren. Between than was Frederick III.
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History of the Indian wars The Germans - Bismarck and the German Empire 3 months ago   3:39:55

an interesting documentary about the Indians in U.S.A. and the wars about them and the government of the new State and future superpower.

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