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The Germans - Bismarck And The German Empire | History Of The Indian Wars - At Up-Tube.com

The Germans - Bismarck and the German Empire History of the Indian wars 1 month ago   42:28

DW Documentary
Prussia's Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck paved the way for the first German nation-state. Bismarck became the Chancellor of the new German Empire.

The failure of Germany’s March Revolution (1848/49), a futile attempt by bourgeois liberal forces to restrict the power of Germany’s rulers, unite the German Confederation and establish a constitutional parliament, led to the imposition of "unity from above” as Prussia's Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck paved the way for the first German nation-state. By the mid-19th century, Germans were still not united in one state. The Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck wanted to change that - not through parliaments or majorities but, as he said, "with blood and iron." At that time, the German Confederation was an alliance of more than 30 independent states, with Austria and Prussia at their head. But when Prussia wanted to incorporate the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein against Austria's will, it became a test of power: Who had the say in Germany? Austria or Prussia? The vote for war or peace took place in Frankfurt am Main, the seat of the German federation, on 14 June 1866. Austria's proposal to mobilize the federation’s forces against Prussia was accepted. Prussia saw the vote as a declaration of war and walked out of the federation. That spelt its end, because the member states were doing exactly what it was set up to prevent, going to war with each other. Austria’s armies were routed, and from now on Germany and Austria went their separate ways. Austria was literally pushed out of German history. Bismarck’s victory over Austria was a triumph worth a monument to the Prussian fatherland: the Victory Column in Berlin. The North German Confederation of 1866 under Prussian leadership was the precursor to the united Germany of a few years later. The south German states such as Bavaria, Baden and Württemberg were initially aloof but that changed with the war against France in 1870. The common enemy united the Germans and their nation. In January 1871, Bismarck declared the birth of the Prussian-German nation-state in the palace of Versailles. For the first time in their history, the Germans were united in a single state with a single capital: Berlin. Bismarck became the Chancellor of the new German Empire. The overall balance of his domestic policies was mixed. On the one hand, they saw the creation of a modern parliamentary system and a welfare state with health, accident and pension insurance. But on the other, Bismarck was pitted against both Social Democracy and the Catholic Church.

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DW Documentary
This documentary is also available to watch in Spanish: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/HGErcgCiaNV
Austria brought muskets to a needle gun fight.
Spasoje Kulasevic
I remmember watching this one
Carlson Anim
From time i studied History in high school about German Unification till present, i still see Bismarck as the greatest European diplomat and deserves an honor from Germans to have had such a character for unity.
And now the creation of the European Union has given Germany effective control of the continent.
barefoot arizona
Ze Germans!
every politician of today would run away if he gets shot at but bismarck went right for him :D true german warrior ^^
Germany is Kawaii
Long live Bismarck long live
Jean Port
Can I clarify with anyone...when the emperor was coronated....did they play the English national anthem?
Chingkhei Phanjou
Who is greater.... Bismarck or Armenius
1870 Preußen
31:50 thats the sound of unity
Sushil Bade
Bismarck was an amazing person and one of the greatest men to ever live, only for his legacy and dreams to be crushed by Wilhelm II. Although I got to admit, this documentary sadly made him seem like a bit of a whiny bitch.
dasd blian
Everything repeating itself prepare self destruct it seems simply wonderful WW2 taught people nothing oooo the dread oooo the humanity.. humanity is doomed... Why form a bigger Germany all this will result in is more war with all honest why in God's name why! Just because it sounds pretty and cute does not mean that it isn't a trap!!
Brian Bowers
Bismarck so farsighted yet not able to see a world without him in it also they kind of over looked the 80 something day of Fritzes rule
Anthony! Senpai-kun~
Its sad to see Germany to have lost almost all of its nationalism since after WWII. If only it had unified earlier, like near the times of Britain and France's own unification (before the enlightenment era), the atrocities committed would've been overlooked by time, just as how theirs too was forgotten. People are so quick after all to forget about their own mistakes back then, and never paid the price for it nor even apologized until now.
Hope the mass migration will once again lighten up the Embers of their nationalism, and rid the shackles that was placed unto them.
Elias Bentham
Long live the duke of Bismarck !!
Germany needs a modern day Bismarck today
Tyler Potts
As much as I hate bismarcks reactionary right wing politics the man was truly brilliant.
Barsdell Whanau
we want more of the germans
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History of the Indian wars The Germans - Bismarck and the German Empire 1 month ago   3:39:55

an interesting documentary about the Indians in U.S.A. and the wars about them and the government of the new State and future superpower.

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