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The Germans - Bismarck And The German Empire | History Of The Indian Wars - At Up-Tube.com

The Germans - Bismarck and the German Empire History of the Indian wars 5 months ago   42:28

DW Documentary
Prussia's Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck paved the way for the first German nation-state. Bismarck became the Chancellor of the new German Empire.

The failure of Germany’s March Revolution (1848/49), a futile attempt by bourgeois liberal forces to restrict the power of Germany’s rulers, unite the German Confederation and establish a constitutional parliament, led to the imposition of "unity from above” as Prussia's Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck paved the way for the first German nation-state. By the mid-19th century, Germans were still not united in one state. The Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck wanted to change that - not through parliaments or majorities but, as he said, "with blood and iron." At that time, the German Confederation was an alliance of more than 30 independent states, with Austria and Prussia at their head. But when Prussia wanted to incorporate the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein against Austria's will, it became a test of power: Who had the say in Germany? Austria or Prussia? The vote for war or peace took place in Frankfurt am Main, the seat of the German federation, on 14 June 1866. Austria's proposal to mobilize the federation’s forces against Prussia was accepted. Prussia saw the vote as a declaration of war and walked out of the federation. That spelt its end, because the member states were doing exactly what it was set up to prevent, going to war with each other. Austria’s armies were routed, and from now on Germany and Austria went their separate ways. Austria was literally pushed out of German history. Bismarck’s victory over Austria was a triumph worth a monument to the Prussian fatherland: the Victory Column in Berlin. The North German Confederation of 1866 under Prussian leadership was the precursor to the united Germany of a few years later. The south German states such as Bavaria, Baden and Württemberg were initially aloof but that changed with the war against France in 1870. The common enemy united the Germans and their nation. In January 1871, Bismarck declared the birth of the Prussian-German nation-state in the palace of Versailles. For the first time in their history, the Germans were united in a single state with a single capital: Berlin. Bismarck became the Chancellor of the new German Empire. The overall balance of his domestic policies was mixed. On the one hand, they saw the creation of a modern parliamentary system and a welfare state with health, accident and pension insurance. But on the other, Bismarck was pitted against both Social Democracy and the Catholic Church.

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DW Documentary
This documentary is also available to watch in Spanish: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/HGErcgCiaNV
I hope that DW make a channel for learning German language.
Germans should be proud to have such a great history
Midnight Gatch
shax nom
Hello to Germans from Georgia, please get this kind of pride back, I'm deeply sad to see how modern times brought you down
Why was the "Otto and the Empire" video made private?
dijo dim
Enemies within... True. Traitorous morons who are concerned only about themselves and their bunch of elite circles have let down citizens worldwide..Freeloading Religious buffoons and leftists are a curse to every nation. When their policies fail the people suffer not them. They continue freeloading or use their wealth to move to other countries..
dijo dim
"Daddy Daddy" look how grown up my voice is
usman mirza
13:34 who hasn't been driven to this point by a supervisor at one point or another?
This is so sad, can we play "Königgrätzer marsch".
Matt P.
36:54 the adult voiceover lol
Anyhow, I'm glad this showed up on my recommendations. As an American, European history is a bit complicated, but at least in this video it's kinda broken down into two local powers keeping each other in check, then the two other regional powers not wanting a third. And add to that weird titles and marriages.
The politics stuff was interesting, was Marx influential in this period?
Angus Mac
15,000 Austrians killed in just one day at Koniggratz. Go a bit earlier to the 30 years war and the bloodshed was even worse, then we had WW1
and WW2. That's a lot of dead Germans.
One of my cats is named after him. Their mustaches look a lot alike. Dope ish 100%
Well Austria and Germany did re unite for a small amount of time during the 3 reich
I admire Bismarck. Such a statesman.
Well France tried controlling the Germans hen they accomplished it twice, well only with enough help, but now Germany again is more peaceful and more powerful then the French.
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
Ein stolzer Moment, an diesen Tagen ein Deutscher zu sein
Nutbuddy 1
Now this this is the real germany
It's not the news that a German prince was set to take the Spanish throne which created the crisis, but the fact Bismarck and Prussian diplomacy acted without the consent of any European powers and then claimed the Hohenzollern candidacy "was a family affair" ; because you know that placing a new dynastic king on the throne of one of the most powerful countries in Europe is, well, always "a family affair." For memory, in the 18th century alone *there were three Wars of succession* in Europe. Putting a ruler on a throne in Europe was always A HUGE AFFAIR : proper courtesy dictated you discuss and convene with the other players before doing so since it could seriously threaten to modify the balance of power and was thus a risk of war.

When the French government attempted to contact the Prussian government to find a negotiated issue to this international political crisis (what this propagandistic, pro-German documentary calls "a humiliation to Prussia"), the Prussian government refused to respond and blatantly disregarded appropriate diplomatic channels. Prussia decided to put a German prince on a European thrown by itself, in secret, then pretended it had nothing to do with the candidacy : once a liar, always a liar.

The foreign representatives of other European powers agreed the Prussian government had gravely breeched diplomatic conventions by its scandalous behavior. The government of Prussia lied and created the conditions which led to war. It was universally accepted France was fully justified in requesting a public renunciation from the Prussian government on the Hohenzollern candidacy, since it was not a family affair *but a political matter.* France went to war against lies and treachery.
Angelo Bugini
The Germans - Bismarck and the German Empire is a remarkable documentary! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!
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History of the Indian wars The Germans - Bismarck and the German Empire 5 months ago   3:39:55

an interesting documentary about the Indians in U.S.A. and the wars about them and the government of the new State and future superpower.

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