10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS Hear The Future Of The Supercar At 11,000rpm: 2 months ago   06:03

10 Most Expesive Adandoned Car on Junkyard

Hi guys! Not only cheap cars can be found on the dump. Sometimes there´s even a chance to spot the fastest and most powerful supercars worth millions of dollars!!! Today, we are going to present some forgotten treasures of family garages, impound lots, and even city dumps.

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car kid hooked
64 are they selling ill pay anything up to 75k
Parker Obregon
The Dino wasn’t found by two kids.. it was a cover up story from the feds.
Thaniga Thamo
Can’t wait yo get a car
C knows
Subscribe me
Lord Red
Jagwire !
Stephen Napier
This made me hurt
Abandoned super cars are not unusual in countries like quatar and the reason is not unknown. In that part of the world it is illegal to go into debt, if you don't pay your bills you go to prison. People frequently abandon high end supercars and just leave the country instead of rotting in jail.
Thomas Poslusny
costted? really?
Term Sprayz
I thought his name was meth lab
Ray Ray
ya bois wana see something else ?
Mikko Collins
I found a 1965 Buick Riviera in decent condition talked with the owner and he legit gave it to me for free! O_O
Birdy Wirdy
Was a good clip til the narrator spoke
leland potato
Why are there dislikes ? Nothing bad in this vid
Dawgs Rule
The Daytona is beautiful how did he forget about it
I got my name from a Ferrari Enzo
Cosimo Kramarawicz
Jerkoff cars
I want the buggatti
vintage car news
best cars ever
Al Lukas
It's Enzo Ferrari
Major Yates
Forza horizon 4 fans recognize the jaguar amirite
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Hear The Future Of The Supercar At 11,000rpm: 10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS 2 months ago   16:08

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