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10 Most Expensive Abandoned Cars | Hear The Future Of The Supercar At 11,000Rpm: - At Up-Tube.com

10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS Hear The Future Of The Supercar At 11,000rpm: 5 months ago   06:03

10 Most Expesive Adandoned Car on Junkyard

Hi guys! Not only cheap cars can be found on the dump. Sometimes there´s even a chance to spot the fastest and most powerful supercars worth millions of dollars!!! Today, we are going to present some forgotten treasures of family garages, impound lots, and even city dumps.

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Mark Arnott
👨‍💻5:07 👉50 brand New Abandoned WAREHOUSE NEBRASKA😲🤷‍♂️ Left gathering dust 1-5mph on clocks wtf 😲🤷‍♀️$ caching!💲🐱‍🐉🤸‍♂️😉
I have a 1972 Olds Cutlass Supreme. I parked it one day, got busy with life, and I just saw it diminiush year after year before my eyes. When I parked it, it was a perfect automobile. That was 1994. It didn't burn oil, or leak oil, it was perfect. And now? I am ready to have it hauled away to the junk pile. What is a person like me to do now? Are these vehicles in this stage have any demand? The mileage was about 150,000. Viking Blue, with a white vinyl top, and blue cloth.
Scott Dilinger
The Dino was stolen by a car theft not its owner and the car was in really good condition for being in the ground so long
marialucia barbosa de jesus
Is Ferrari dino 2d1000 GT
That was dug up was
Sad Sad Sad News 😫😫😫😫😫
Kristina LE VAN
That Daytona is min before is Wes bin stolid give it to me I liv in🇫🇷 house 29
Flawless* shows dirt scrapes and a tilted mirror
marialucia barbosa de jesus
That was Sad the Ferrari dno 2d200 GTS 😭😭😭😭
Delvin Walton
amazing classic cars
marialucia barbosa de jesus
That is old was in 1978
marialucia barbosa de jesus
The Ferrari dno 2d200 was Broken in underground Broken in underground Sad News was in
marialucia barbosa de jesus
OMG News
Shane B
Your account of the Buried Dino is INCORRECT. Research it FULLY next time....
Check out my Chanel!
Ronan Memphis Annuk
Ferrari 250 GTO COST 48$ millions
Sister Cyclone
Damn, why can't I find something like this?
lil durk
Jouse Martinez
What a piece of junk.
Scott Ferguson
Fucking ragheads aren't good for shit. They make any car look like shit.
Cameron Moles
clickbait.i wanted to see the story of the GTX
Dear Mad Lab, "Costed" is not a word.
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Hear The Future Of The Supercar At 11,000rpm: 10 Most Expensive Abandoned CARS 5 months ago   16:08

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