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Area 51 Raid: What Would | Does Body Language Prove - At Up-Tube.com

Area 51 Raid: What would Does Body Language Prove 2 days ago   14:04

Please don’t storm Area 51. #NotLegalAdvice, just common sense.
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What if 1 million people actually storm Area 51?
So it’s apparently a thing that there is a push on social media to invade Area 51. This is not a good idea. Area 51 is part of a US Air Force base. The US military has guns. Worse, they have lawyers. If ya’ll storm Area 51, you’re going to jail...for a long time.

Check out RealLifeLore’s great video on why it’s practically impossible to actually storm Area 51: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/wGyswjIxKU0

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I like the cut of your jib.
Alex The memelord
If it’s a testing place for planes you need to leave because you can be blown up be careful it’s the law
This was actually very well researched. Good job!
It's 2 days away from now.
Real Fish
Let’s clap those alien cheeks
Josias von Leiswolf
Instead of storming Area 51, they should storm the Pentagon to find out why the government would shoot it’s own citizens for invading a base that they paid for, but not shoot or stop foreign nationals invading our southern border.
#InvadeNevadaTestSiteInstead. Radioactive Cancer can't stop us all!
John Doe
You should encourage transparency
"America and its assets" are US citizens. What are these black ops sites protecting if they don't exist to protect US citizens?
Mr. Floyd
We need to raid sony, not area 51
OBJECTION 1 calling people who want to storm area 51 "idiots" is an Ad Hominem attack against the protesters, and has no relevance to the subject at hand.

OBJECTION 2. Government property is public property, as the Taxes collected (stolen) from the public is used to fund 100% of the governments budget. The public paid for Area 51, the public has the right to access it, and any technology stored or developed there.

Objection 3. The military using deadly force against peaceful protesters would be blaitent murder, as they are not a threat. and is a mass murder due to the scale. and should be a war crime as it involves the military.

Objection 4. If the protesters go armed, and the military still has no right to use deadly force as that the public is the ones defending them selves, against the government, on their own public property. and again, is a war crime.

(also, the protesters should VASTLY outnumber any base staff ( if the estimated numbers turn out to be accurate) so the base would not stand a chance, both against the protesters, and the universal back lash they would get for trying)

OBJECTION 5 "The airforce is ready to protect america and its assets" ........ first off, the US is not america, there are 35 American countries, the US is just one of them, and more importantly, the public is one of the US's assets, including the protesters, if the military wants to protect the public, then they can simply stand down and let the protesters in, and realese all info about the place, instead of choosing violence. If they want peace, they can simply choose peace. The government is the treat in this situation, not the protesters.
Midnight Studios
2 days ppl and we will see if they will actually do it
Midnight Studios
area 51 is hiding that the earth is flat and we never went to the moon
ButtHurt Entertainment
I shared your video and have been very vocal in the local news coverage about the event up in Rachel. I will say what I have said in all my tweets here about the event. Don't test the security at the Test Site. Go up there and have fun at event that is supposedly happening. That being the concerts and party. But don't try to "Storm Area 51". They know where you are before you even think about going to that place if you know what I am saying. "Storming" a military base is a threat to National Security, and they will use deadly force if necessary. Just go there for fun, don't be stupid.
Todd Abbott
First of all I believe there is likely life on other plants and likely intelligent life... even more intelligent life. After all there are trillions and trillions of stars. The problem is the energy required to get even a small ship to a fraction the speed of light is pretty significant. to get a ship going faster than the speed of light would not only require an incredible amount of energy, but you would also need to break several laws of physics. I am not talking a massive nuclear reactor or using nuclear bombs to accelerate a ship, but more on the levels of the energy of a star type energy. Even using something like anti-matter, which we have only been able to make a few dozen atoms that lasted milliseconds, the mass inside the ship would be significant. Even travelling at the speed of light would require a massive ship for supplies and repair parts, or the technology of some sort of hyberative sleep... that could last possibly hundreds of years without a low chance of failure. Then there is the resources needed. To build a colony ship to take say a couple hundred people to Mars would likely take the GDP of the entire world... maybe 5-10 years. Manned space travel beyond even Mars is extremely unlikely for the next 100 years or more. Because of this I doubt any aliens have ever visited Earth and likely never will.
Ivory Poet
Navy just confirmed the UFO videos are in fact real.
I'm going. Not to find aliens or secrets. I just want to see what happens when a large mob of civilians confronts it's own military. Will they just open fire ? How many of the soldiers would follow through with those orders ? Could this be a practice run for "storming" something bigger ?
Marina The Octoling
They are all gonna get shot up by sexuroty firesquads leaving their body and blood in the bullet fires wake and feed their bodiea to coyotes
Article 69
Soldiers are ppl too if a large number of innocent ppl rallied into area 51 i dont Think they would have the balls to mow them down as seen many times Before in way more brutal regimes
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Does Body Language Prove Area 51 Raid: What would 2 days ago   1:03:49

Did Bob Lazar actually work on recovered alien spacecraft at Area 51 for the U.S. Government? We’re going to analyze his body language to find out.

Bob Lazar claims to be a scientist who worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51 (S4) for the U.S. Government in the late 1980s.

Especially for this video, it’s important for you to know if I have any biases going into this. I’ve never seen a UFO or aliens, but, like many, I believe we’re probably not completely alone in the universe. Prior to doing this analysis, haven’t heard of Bob Lazar and when I did, thought he’s at least a little deceitful because his story is so extraordinary.

What’s interesting is that over the past few years, the U.S. Government has become more open to admitting the existence of this UFO stuff. Interesting that the U.S. Government isn’t completely ignoring these claims anymore. Probably because when something odd is seen, it can now be easily recorded since cameras are everywhere, and once it’s recorded, the internet can spread it across the world in seconds.

What’s interesting about all this is someone’s lying, it’s either the U.S. Government for totally hiding and covering all this up or it’s Bob Lazar. So we’re going to put our neutral hats on to analyze Bob Lazar’s body language, piece together his story, and review the evidence to find out if he is truthful or just lying.

Now in the comments, why do you think the U.S. Government seems to be trying to hide all this from us? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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