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Area 51 Raid: What Would | Does Body Language Prove - At Up-Tube.com

Area 51 Raid: What would Does Body Language Prove 5 months ago   14:04

Please don’t storm Area 51. #NotLegalAdvice, just common sense.
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What if 1 million people actually storm Area 51?
So it’s apparently a thing that there is a push on social media to invade Area 51. This is not a good idea. Area 51 is part of a US Air Force base. The US military has guns. Worse, they have lawyers. If ya’ll storm Area 51, you’re going to jail...for a long time.

Check out RealLifeLore’s great video on why it’s practically impossible to actually storm Area 51: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/wGyswjIxKU0

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Mark Dominy
You should do a review of Life (eddie murphy)
Jeffrey Epstein is being held in area 51
Guilherme Oliveira
your litterily are destroying concepts
Officer George Ishaq
thankfully i live in Northern California
Louis Seifert
We are prepared to protect America and our assets translation: We have more than one c130 "Puff the Magic Dragon" and we might use rubber bullets but if we run out of rubber rounds we will reload with other ones.
Aaron Stoner
It's all true! My great, great, great, great grandmother was an AliEN! She emigrated from Germany!👽
Ninjareml NR
Area 51 has a microwave that heats pizza and hot pockets to the perfect temp
John Pappan
Even his chair looks like a lawyer.
LMFAO I can't believe I watched this, Are you even a real attorney. I'm guessing not because you left out a lot of stuff as well as being wrong with some things. Plus could you imagine the civil war or revolution that would happen if the Government or the terrorist military started firing on American citizens.
Blueberry Sans
If we can’t go through it or over it, why not tunnel under it?
I’m sure there are loopholes with this method.
They'd be detained and if they persisted or physically resisted, they'd be arrested... You don't have to be a lawyer to figure it out.
Mark Reaves
What would happen? Any intruders would be killed/captured, declared terrorists, then shipped off to some unknown terrorist housing facility where they will be "interrogated" for "an extended time".
prefer anonymity
do aliens have human rights? or any rights at all?
Area 51 is where it was assembled and test flown for 2 years before being shown by the USAF.
Heheh, but he doesn’t know.
John Doe
Such a stupid obsession over this....it's a millitary base...they don't want every joe smoe idiot waltzing about. Shocking....
PRO’s Gaming
People: Let’s see them aliens! Storm Area 51!
Air Force Security Forces: *gets prototype weapon* I can’t wait to try this out!
People: 😯
Ian Taggart
If someone invented a compound that could render gunpowder nonexplosive, would that be punishable by law?
Area 51 is hiding Epstein.
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Does Body Language Prove Area 51 Raid: What would 5 months ago   1:03:49

Did Bob Lazar actually work on recovered alien spacecraft at Area 51 for the U.S. Government? We’re going to analyze his body language to find out.

Bob Lazar claims to be a scientist who worked on alien spacecraft at Area 51 (S4) for the U.S. Government in the late 1980s.

Especially for this video, it’s important for you to know if I have any biases going into this. I’ve never seen a UFO or aliens, but, like many, I believe we’re probably not completely alone in the universe. Prior to doing this analysis, haven’t heard of Bob Lazar and when I did, thought he’s at least a little deceitful because his story is so extraordinary.

What’s interesting is that over the past few years, the U.S. Government has become more open to admitting the existence of this UFO stuff. Interesting that the U.S. Government isn’t completely ignoring these claims anymore. Probably because when something odd is seen, it can now be easily recorded since cameras are everywhere, and once it’s recorded, the internet can spread it across the world in seconds.

What’s interesting about all this is someone’s lying, it’s either the U.S. Government for totally hiding and covering all this up or it’s Bob Lazar. So we’re going to put our neutral hats on to analyze Bob Lazar’s body language, piece together his story, and review the evidence to find out if he is truthful or just lying.

Now in the comments, why do you think the U.S. Government seems to be trying to hide all this from us? Let everyone know in the comments below.

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