BTS vs. The fans – We put the Army’s questions to the K-Pop BTS CONFIDENT VS PANICKED GAYS (90% 2 weeks ago   05:51

Given their incomparably dedicated fanbase, we thought it only fair to open up the BTS questioning to you guys – the Army.

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Hajra Butt
YASSSSSSSSS SSSSSS SSSSSS MY BIAS RM ❤❤❤❤❤❤✌❤✌✌❤✌❤✌❤✌❤✌❤✌✌❤❤✌✌✌❤ if RM is u bias like this commentv
eva lena escobar
why on earth is rm's t-shirt so tight and suga's and jin's top almost see through? I mean...? and ofc it didn't distract me all the time and also: I was definitely not dying. not at all...
(caught in a LIEEEEEEEEEE)
Kim Jimin
The problem is that if you try to speak or sing in korean, even if it's broken korean people will say you're a koreaboo and that's the tea :/
OMG Jungkook looks so cute when he does that little shy thing;3
i'm the ONE i should LOVE
Awww... Jae suk must be so proud.
Joey Gomez
Suga describing himself in 3 words:Eat, sleep, work 😂😂😂
Charlie Jean
Jimin: What I watch is this comedian, Yoo Jae-Suk.

ARMYS: whO IS yOO JaE-sUK?? Gotta find him
Lien Nguyễn
mo marlay
자막이 없는 부분에서도 애들 씹덕이 터지는데, 이걸 캐치하지 못하는 외랑둥이들이 많을테니 조금 안타까움. 팬으로서 얼마나 알고 싶을까.
동시에 저들과 같은 문화와 시간, 공간을 공유할 수 있어 참 다행이고 뿌듯하고 기분이 좋다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
NiniaJoy Ejera
V is soo quiet😂
вopo ĸιara
I think what bts is making themselves laugh by imitating eachother? 😂
The kookie lover!!!
Describe ypur style in three words
Jimin-cute,sexy,lovely,sleep ,work
Me: yes dude thats our savage swag king😁😁
*rm is so british its s c a r y*
Debjit Mukherjee
At least Suga speaks a little now.
Sunggul Sijabat
Ha mensos hahaha
Jelai Cruz
Oh my god, jimin's laugh is the sweetest. I love you my jimin
Living for Namjoon unconsciously picking up a British accent while he's in the UK. Cute 😍
Emerald Dreams
Yoongi talking...

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BTS CONFIDENT VS PANICKED GAYS (90% BTS vs. The fans – We put the Army’s questions to the K-Pop 2 weeks ago   10:25

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bts confident vs panicked gay

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