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The goalkeeper is one of the major positions of association football. This time, we did top 10 goalkeepers of the season 2018/19, for you!
As you can see the stats attached in the video, there is also few thing that we look when we ranked them.
For example, crucial mistakes that resulted as a goal.
Alisson 2, Oblak 0, Ter Stegen 2, Ederson 1, Lloris 3, De Gea 5, Handanovic 1, Kepa 2, Sczcesny 0, Onana 6.

Video is not much based on goalkeeping skills, as much it is based on the stats.

We're pretty sure Alisson has the most chance to win all awards for the best goalkeeper of the season, and even on the end of the year, best keeper of the year. The reason is simple, all experts best rated tournament winners and Alisson won CL, second place in EPL (Best GK of the league).

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Onana - Blooom & Ghost'n'Ghost - Desire
Szczesny - AXEN & HYLO - Habits (feat. AKACIA)
Kepa - Besomorph & Coopex - Redemption (ft. Riell)
Handanovic - Egzod - Rise Up (ft. Veronica Bravo & M.I.M.E)
De Gea - Rival - Walls (feat. Bryan Finlay)
Lloris - Marin Hoxha x Annie Sollange - Falling For You
Ederson - BEAUZ & Momo - Won't Look Back
Ter Stegen - Diviners - Escape (feat. Rossy)
Oblak - Vosai - Love Of My Life
Alisson - Jim Yosef & Sara Skinner - WILDFIRE

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Andrei Ionuț Radu ?
Natan XD
Alison is noob
It’s a great 👍
daouda gueye
Ter stegen is the best
what about de geas save versus Ronaldo? how'd that get put into his highlights
what about de geas save versus Ronaldo? how'd that get put into his highlights
Ejaz Nadeem
Where's Courtois ?
donnat bulettt
What this Neuer?
Foot Sky
Merci de regarder le monde comme et partager avec vos amis! De plus, n'oubliez pas de vous abonn
Marcell Vezse
Where is Gulacsi??
Ethic Verslun
and de gea is there my god
Ethic Verslun
koming from roma fan no leno are you mad
Ethic Verslun
no leno are you mad
ElPishulonsote Nowa
Ponte wenas canciones pe :v
phil morgan
Where is Manuel neuer
zak curdflaper
not Courtois ? :(
Noah Jabs
Ter Stegen ist der beste toward nicht der dritte
Saba Kuchava
Kepa is very good goolkeeper and I think Kepa is better than handanovic and other 😍😍😍 Respect Kepaaa
1996 Magyarország
Where ochoa?
nicolas nere33
Fucking liverpool fan , youuuu suckkkk , Allison 3 , Ter Stegan 2 , Oblak 1
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