When Girls Get Distracted On Their Gold Digger Girlfriend Loves 1 day ago   10:05

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89% of the comments are about the shooky plushie
70% like if u agree comments
50% appreciating tals work and videos
0.1% this.
Bushra Afzal
Tati just hit you

Sub to undo
Kristin Hayes
0:00 I just made u restart the video for nothing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lepow Gaming XX 2.0
Why is tal actually looking at everything and saying there weird just look at the face he makes
sheila moevao
the 2nd girl i luv my job
[ZKG] MangoGamers
0:00 thank me later
wanna one lovers
I saw bt21 cushion back there😏
Lachimola la
Yooo there is soo many ARMYs here😂
Shyness byun
-Girls, what would you do if you see a hot six pack abs guy and shirtless in front of you?
*Me?, I'll do nothing but if they were kpop idol like EXO DAMN I WOULD REALLY MELT IN EXITED AND MAYBE BE IN A COMA 😂😂🤣*
Andrea Mendoza
I can resist.... You
sean martin
Shut tf up and play the damn video
Baron Clark
I swear to god ima like this comment
Fastcar 283
Conner Murphy
saiyans great
She doesn't look bad either.
Receding hairlines.
Chloe Moodley
i cant stand the first guys spray tan
You should see what happens when the boys get distracted 😜 😉😏😏
Gwyneth Mancilla
James Charles kissed you😘

Like this to undo😏
Danica Kate Lacsi
You buy too much time focusing your nonsense explanation
Minidon Dasavage
Is this Lachlan or his brother
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Gold Digger Girlfriend Loves When Girls Get Distracted On Their 1 day ago   09:15

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