Arthur S1 EP 23 - Bully for Binky and Misfortune Arthur S1 EP 24 - Arthur's Tooth and D.W. 3 months ago   23:59

Bully for Binky: Binky has a reputation for being a bully until Sue Ellen challenges him to a fight.

Misfortune Teller: For her half-birthday, Prunella's older sister, Rubella, gives her a cootie catcher.

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Meester Tweester
I remember making the cootie catchers lol
Arieee Lovee
That last part dw sounded so adorable she one of my fav something
Arieee Lovee
Who else beside me be looking for new Arthur videos
Arieee Lovee
Did binky just do a backflip saying free at last that put a reminder in my head about the civil rights movement wow binky is smarter than he looks if you think about it good job bink
Mai Li Palau
3:10 - 3:14 Gets me everytime
Maria Patzan
Brain oh brother
Maria Patzan
Did anyone else notice Binky was at the front of the stage
Weed Lasagna
When you take away Binkys dessert there will be deaths and there will be many
Nikos Grigoropoulos
You are fanny
LegoReader12345 hello
Lol! Binky ate a cupcake with the wrapper! He must love Wrappers!
Nandi Isaac
Binky has a crush on Sue Ellen and TEAM Binky & Sue Ellen
Wesley Andrew
That tuba/drum duet was so good!
Arthur and everyone: HMmmmMmMMm what are we gonna do

Me: Mr. Ratburn Binkys a bully

It’s called logic
Derek Bates
Prunella's circle is strange; her family has some weird psudeo powers, and she hangs out with a blind soccer master.
turtle master
I swear prunella sounds different from how I remember
Zara Nawabi
buster, imaginary sea animals probably choked on those balloons and tags T_T
Jennifer Bonilla
That happened to me ones and I finally stood up to her and she couldn’t even fight. I beat her ass
D Clark
Sue Ellen wasn't no PUNK! She was about that life lol. That's why I always liked her.
Kheir Francis
1016-1022 sue Ellen is petty, she kept going 😭😭😭😅😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Arthur S1 EP 24 - Arthur's Tooth and D.W. Arthur S1 EP 23 - Bully for Binky and Misfortune 3 months ago   23:56

Arthur's Tooth: Arthur, after years of waiting, finally gets his first loose tooth and is determined to pull it out.

D.W. Lost: D.W. loses her mom at the mall.