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If Maddie did that Abby would’ve gone on about how innovative and creative she is and that’s what a REAL dancer does to tell the story, but god forbid Chloe does it otherwise it’s DISRESPECTFUL and OUT OF CHARACTER yet she got first place like okAy Abby great logic.
Daisy Johnson
Chloe is a sweet hardworking kid and a beautiful dancer
She and her mom have a cute relationship and Abby is blind if she can’t see how talented Chloe is!
Gia Princess
The exit is amazing though!
Gachakitten 124
To be honest I would of never noticed “the fingers” if Abby didn’t point it out
Claire Croft
Don’t get it how does Chloe do the wrong EXIT
Katie Rock
Yea, totally. A 2 second pose will ruin Chloe’s dance. Great. Most of the judges probably didn’t even see.
subway sammie
doesnt abby know that the “🤟” means i love you
Avri Rager
I bet Chloe God first place stop being rude because she had better choreography then you I bet she won first place overall winner
Avri Rager
God Abby a bat Chloe wood beat all the girls I'm not saying she's better than everybody but that exit would have been cool I bet she would have got first place first place overall winner so stop being rude
Jen Garcia
Abby makes a big deal out of stupid so small like chick STFU seriously
Sophia Ferrer
Chloe only do that and Abby is already angry?!!?!!??!!
Jack Anderson
Give the kid a break
Jack Anderson
Stop Abby all u are doing is putting Chloe down
Delaney Somerville
Did anyone notice at 0:37 Jill was sitting in front of a sex doll😂😭I’m deadddddddd
Rachel_Dawg 101
Christi looks like Anastasia from Cinderella if Anastasia had blonde hair lol💀
How can Jin jokes be more unbelievbubble
I think Abby is BLIND cuz she did I LOVE you in sign language.
Synthetics MSP
Who the hell cares the judges don’t know how the dance goes
Can we just talk about the ending where the girl said how I met Maddie Ziegler like why do we care!?
Brianne Scott
Annabelle T.
I just wish one of the kids would stick up to here
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