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I Went To Prison For Stephen Curry! | Can A Dorito Draft My Team? Nba 2K19 - At Up-Tube.com

I went to prison for STEPHEN CURRY! Can a Dorito draft my Team? NBA 2K19 5 days ago   28:42

Troydan turns into a prisoner to try and pull Steph Curry on NBA 2K19 #NBA2K19 #NBA

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Comments 2925 Comments

Mega oof
Who also hears shinsuke nakamara intro music in the background 😂😂
Blatez Gaming
Does anyone wonder how Troydan always goes against a bad team
Dwayne wade #last dance
Ive never seen a bronze on takeover
i like the bah bah bow bow
zach milan
troydan:(sees isaiah thomas) it's a midget!
Tayvion Dupree
6ft is not a midget stupid
zomdiexx gaming
My name is eric and ik you ain't taking about me but it feels like am getting a shoutout
FlyMan Sersi
Wtf now Mickey mouse are youtuber?
Kellar Foster
18:09 the artist known as Shinsuke nakamura. He pulled Steph finally LOL
Kellar Foster
10:17 got some shimsuke nakamura theme song for wwe
A locker code a day keeps the mt away!
DuelWield Playz
Jason Gardner
What's the name of the song he used when we pulled him?
Zexlex _Bentley
This Is how many times you heard green giant👇
TJ Cooper
Sand Town
F in the chat
im sellin 1.1 mil mt message me back if interested
Иван Масленников
Your eating challenge is awful! I’m Russian and I don’t have any freaking idea where u got this from troydan. This is extreme shit!
Kief Conner
I got Stephen curry right away
Chris Zebrowski
Troy should put in his old intro back
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Can a Dorito draft my Team? NBA 2K19 I went to prison for STEPHEN CURRY! 5 days ago   06:36