Pacquiao vs Thurman LA Presser Highlights KEITH THURMAN VS DANNY GARCIA 3 months ago   18:56

Pacquiao vs Thurman LA Presser Highlights - Beverly Hills Hotel

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Maric Arceo
Who's there after thurman get droped in round 1?
Johnpark Biñan
Feather pala hahaha ulol....
shrish123 kumar
Pac should let his coach say on his behalf
shrish123 kumar
Thurman said what he has to say....Why expect anything different. I would say he is a gentleman
Lakay Patty
Thurman found a person that gave him the one time punch knocked down in first round. I loved the way Roach say in front of Thurman.... we're going to destroy you.
Tewelde Afeworki
actually will see who is young there
Andrea Tayoto
61 wins 7 losses 2 draw 39 wins in a way of knock out.. remarkably defeated 7 currently or Future Hall of Famers .. MANNY PACKMAN PACQUIAO
Bean Oil
Pacquiao you know you lost that fight you look stupid in the ring again and again Thurman was putting hands on you bad and you looking real stupid but of course you didn't win the fight because he had to knock you out in order to win he landed more punches more accurate not looking wild and like a idiot
Tesie Pagligaran
show off haaahaaa.better be sure. young man.
Tesie Pagligaran
you are show off now what ypu are just talker blobber.noow what you get crub on the it tadte good to eat ypur own words.pahiya ka ano.
jose padilla
Who's here after the fight
Alexa Velazquez
braaaaaaaaa Thurman in the actual fight you were the one that had no dircction to go Pacquiao pac man won anywasy hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah thurman i think you will be cicked and was hahahahahahahahaha
Charline Dagon
oh my good hahaha i was laughin my ass off while watching thurman talking what he eats laterrrr :D
Fredo Amparo
Hahaha your mouth is very fast than your punch..senaTHURMANny
Eissa al ghareeb
Oh Manny, I love the fuck out of you baby.
Ayu MjhEAn
We will gonna destroy you sorry 😂
Maria Amos
I like you manny you're down to earth human being god bless you .
Kambal karibal Ako
Manny won it yeah! At 1st round your knocked down Keith Hahahaha!
Gemini PG12
Thurman is annoying but I must admit he could really be funny...
soonie viquelia
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KEITH THURMAN VS DANNY GARCIA Pacquiao vs Thurman LA Presser Highlights 3 months ago   11:44