My Dog Challenged Me To Basketball Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste 3 months ago   00:42

This is the greatest hoops of All Time

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The new airbud looks good.
The Atomic Cherry
I think I found someone smaller than Jerma
This is honestly the first time I've ever heard Charlie raise his voice
Jordan Castillo
0:33 my dick at 3am
Samuel Fulkerson
Charley’s gonna get drafted to the nba
Robert Stever
The height of that ball. I now have a reference.
You are 5' 4".
Fierce Pixels
id like to see this but you have a leashe tied on YOUR neck so the dog doesnt have a disadvantage
Randy Bradberry
Homie got dribble game
Can't believe this man broke his dog's ankles live
0:34 he contemplated ripping his shirt but realized it was the only shirt he owns
Danny Leira
Good handles, Charlie!
Component Games
The biggest upset in sports history.
Component Games
The biggest upset in sports history.
She’s just...cwtf.
Bōrei No Uchiha
You thought it would be a challenge but like they say dogo el play with no bollo
Aiden C.
Space Jam 2 confirmed
Punk Trash
This was just an excuse to show off ur ball skills
She's the only opponent you'll ever have that's shorter than you.
totally not lasco
another good game is LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.
the dog says ur on easy mode
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Here's Why A Refurbished Gamestop PS3 Is A Waste My Dog Challenged Me To Basketball 3 months ago   22:18

Gamestop sells all kinds of refurbished game consoles that are sent out for repair because of some issue making it defective. After it being a certified repair these consoles are sold in store. Today we are taking a look at a refurbished PlayStation 3 to see how well it was refurbished.

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