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3M - Bigger Than You Know | Harvard - The Richest University In The World - At Up-Tube.com

3M - Bigger Than You Know Harvard - The Richest University in the World 1 day ago   12:44

Company Man
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Episode Description:
I'm confident in saying 3M is bigger than most people realize, you may not have even heard of them. Over 100 years of innovation (and some luck early on) has resulted in over $30 billion in annual sales, they're one of the 30 companies that make up the Dow, and make many of the products you encounter daily. In this video I talk about how they got so big and why most people don't realize how big they are.

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Ranjan Biswas
Also 3M makes good products.
"A lawsuit filed by Minnesota against 3M, the company that first developed and sold PFOS and PFOA, the two best-known PFAS compounds, has revealed that the company knew that these chemicals were accumulating in people’s blood for more than 40 years. 3M researchers documented the chemicals in fish, just as the Michigan scientist did, but they did so back in the 1970s. That same decade, 3M scientists realized that the compounds they produced were toxic. The company even had evidence back then of the compounds’ effects on the immune system, studies of which are just now driving the lower levels put forward by the ATSDR, as well as several states and the European Union."
theyre responsible for massive flouride pollution dumping into streams and also the slippery coat on teflon pans wear off and cause the same kind of cancer and deformed fetuses
Mittens FastPaw
Wow... that is pretty neat.
Jacob Horowitz
reel-to-reel magnetic tape (1948)
Pipe Layer
I see 3M car tinting everywhere in Nairobi yet I never knew they were that big
I know someone who has 3M board games
3M film in your phone and tv.
I watched this video confusing them with 3G... Another monster company. Maybe you can do a "better then you know" video on them too?
Patton Cockrum
They make my rubber bands on my braces!
Randhawa Kids
Wow I was using scotch tape while watching
E-M Entertainment
3M also distributed low-budget films on VHS briefly during the early 1980s.
I live in a small industrial city in Canada, we have 3 3m plants and 1 marketing plant.
Fun fact : i am no longer in the business but once upon a time we sold a hybrid battery unit (automotive) to 3M. It had an employee's name attached to the invoice but was delivered to their campus. Makes me curious what they've done to it because it sure as heck wasn't a personal purchase, huge crate and heavy! (I'm a local up here)
I actually worked at a 3M plant for a bit, and yeah that's where I learned how massive they are. One thing you should also figure in, is the amount of contracted workers they have that are listed under a different company.
Miss Pocket
I used to insulate navy vessels and our crew used 3M aluminum tape to seal the seams. Average of 1.5 rolls per person per day. Pricey stuff, man.
Ling-Ling Gutierrez von Wallenstein IV
So 3M is the Umbrella Corporation of companies? 9 out 10 homes contain one of its products? Does most of that R&D go to military technology, genetic experimentation, and viral weaponry? (# . .)

I can see some zombie outbreak being linked to 3M...
Praise the Lord!
Awesome, Can you do Union Pacific or Caterpillar? Huge corporations I would love to hear about.
The most bizarre thing they sell is passport scanners. You know the device they put your passport in at the airports? That device and its software are also made by 3M. Fuck knows why and how decided to make that.
Laura Ball
Can someone put subtitles in English or Spanish ??? Pleaseee need help
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Harvard - The Richest University in the World 3M - Bigger Than You Know 1 day ago   11:26

Harvard is known as one of the best universities in existence. But what may be a little less well-known, is that they are actually the richest university, it's not even close. This video talks about where their money comes from and how they've used it to help earn their reputation and prestige.

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