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Inside Kris Jenner's Hidden | Interior Design | Apartment Transformation - At Up-Tube.com

Inside Kris Jenner's Hidden Interior Design | Apartment Transformation 9 months ago   03:22

Architectural Digest
Kris Jenner takes us on a tour of her Hidden Hills home! From the chair designed by Pierre Jeanneret, to the pops of color inspired by multiple contemporary artworks, Kris' home is a hidden marvel.

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Inside Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Amourr Nique
this don't look like the infamous house from kuwtk ! did she move ?
Christiane Seguy
Having Money is a blessing
laura Weathers
Piano under the stairs lol 😂 she know how to play a piano lol 😂😂
Timonpeter For life
But... it’s not the house from the show...
she looks like a nasty hunched crocodile
Danila Marilu - Henna Tutorials
What a goddess!!!
KNT Creations Trade
Russell Alami
All the money , and so little taste .......
Who”s the artist of those cartoony girls?
Michael Vaughn
Girl WTF do you have on
Aleshya Barbour
Whenever she says "I love" or the word "fun" I'm drinking
Joshua Giller
I need a sheep in my life.
Please and Thank You
This most be a new home cause it looks nothing like the house on the show
Lázaro Murad
"someone always cooks in here (kitchen)" yeah like housekeepers and stuff...
Dissociation Nation
There something seriously wrong with this woman. Didnt she screw up some dude so badly he turned into a woman? Idk
LaShell Pennington
I don't care what anybody says I love me some Kris Jenner's
Isabela Noelle
Is it just me or is her living room bigger than my apartment 😂
Brittney Robinson
I thought I was going to be blown away...
In 2019 Kris Jenner looks better than all her daughters and Kim looks her age
Bruno Leon
I like the big apple lol it made me laugh
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Interior Design | Apartment Transformation Inside Kris Jenner's Hidden 9 months ago   29:32

Interior Design, Apartment makeover, Condo decorating ideas.
Sign up for our DESIGN SESSIONS here! http://bit.ly/designsessionssignup
Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and her team have 6 short months to pull off a major interior design renovation on a 2,000 sq. ft. condo, located in the heart of the hipster-filled, downtown district of Denver Colorado. With 13 foot concrete ceilings, exposed pipes and ducts, the condo sets the perfect foundation for cool, urban loft-type design.
Rebecca takes you through the project from start to finish. Frequent trips to Denver to monitor the construction progress, sub-contractor interaction and local shopping… all part of the process. Watch as Rebecca and the Robeson Design team arrive for the 10 days of installation leading to the CLIENT REVEAL!

Trades responsible for the transformation:
Interior Design Firm: Robeson Design (San Diego)
General Contractor: Earthwood Remodeling & Construction
Cabinetry: EKD - Exquisite Kitchen Design
Electrician: Elkhorn Electric
Smart Home technology: Xssentials
Closet Company: The Closet Factory
Lighting Supplier: BlackWhale Lighting

Directed and Produced by Robeson Design Inc.
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker
Royalty free music by Epidemic Sound