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Rob Markievic
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My List of 15 best universities in Europe based on best word's rankings. The best university in Europe. University of Cambridge -- United Kingdom,Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich- Switzerland,Pierre and Marie Curie University Paris - France,University of Copenhagen - Denmark,Karolinska Institute -- Sweden
Technical University Munich -- GERMANY,Utrecht University- Netherlands,University of Oslo- Norway, University of Helsinki Finland, Moscow State University -- Russia
Ghent University Belgium,University of Pisa Italy,University of Vienna Austria
Autonomous University of Barcelona --Spain,Charles University in Prague --Czech Republic
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Chulalongkorn University is the best in Thailand welcome to learn Thai Language Advance Level
Hafiz Samsoodeen
This ranking is incorrect. For an instance, Oxford University, LMU Berlin, Humboldt University Berlin, London School of Economics and Political Science have not been ranked
nancy boukamel
University of austria 💜💙
Adrian Lebourgeois
La Sorbonne is not from 1971!! It was established in 1257..i cant believe such a stupid mistake.....
rapier1954 Farrell
There are properly done rankings done already so no need to waste your time watching this video composed by a complete idiot on the subject.
taku NN
Jaden Kudo
You forgot University of Szeged!
Mariglena Meci
Roger Gertz
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Samuel Prevost
2:39 La Sorbonne was created in 1257 not in 1971 you dumbass
Is Russia part of Europe? I think Russia and its associated federation ought to be classified as a separate territorial entity.
Iqra Yousaf
Plz anyone can tell me anything about pharmacy university
Daniel Magaia
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naveen naidu
N where iz RWTH Aachen?
Anastasia Manousou
Guihui Qin
Anne Carpano
sorbonne established in 1971 hahahahaha
Yasir Khan
LOL where is TUDelft and KTH?
Brunna T.
best uni in the netherlands is university of amsterdam
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