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Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight | The Grand Canyon Skywalk - At Up-Tube.com

Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight The Grand Canyon Skywalk 2 days ago   10:58

Hoosier Tim's Travel Videos
Recorded June 7, 2010.

My flight over the Grand Canyon with Maverick Helicopters.

Watch my complete video of this 2010 western roadtrip @ https://up-tube.com/upvideo/vHqD0xmmS-V.

From: http://timvp.com

Comments 217 Comments

Proud to hear Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu at the Grand Canyon.
Udit Mathur
Awesome video captures the majesty of The Grand Canyon and river Colorado. Thanks to Americans for naming the peaks as Vishnu, Shiva and Jupiter- they really look like ancient temples in architecture.
Rhiann Starkey
I'm at the Grand Canyon right now and I can't ride the helicopter
Aqdas Hussain
Random question but would you get nauseous going on the helicopter? I suffer from motion sickness but really want to do this
Motto Sticcy
This is actually ancient isreal. and they have the nerve to name temples after greek gods. Look up Judean Desert. Its also a sector of ancient isreal.
Jake Kirby
Are people blind? Nobody comment's about the enormous fossilized Giant's everywhere. The rock's we're alive but everybody's to damn stupid to even comprehend what their seeing. The extra intelligent will say that it's all artistic erosion. Lol 😂
Todd Daugherty
Booooooooooo!!! Sure, ruin the wilderness experience for everyone else because you have to money to violate the wilderness ethic.
This place is stunning, frightful, but not beautiful. Some say it was carved out by the Devil himself and it resembles the seven circles of Hell. Death seems imminently close just by looking at this terrain. Many tourists die visiting this tremendously dangerous place.
Todd Payne
What a great pilot and guide! Awesome...
Becky's Balcony
What STATE is the Grand Canyon?
Flight over Grand Canyon 2019

As someone who has spent countless days in the Canyon, these flights are one of the most disgusting tourist activities I have ever seen, reducing one of the most pristine places on the planet to a 450+ flight per day Disneyland experience including the litter and trash.
The MaPa
Watched the full 10:57 seconds
Gian 12
Since I was a child, one of my dreams was flying above the grand canyon, and now I'm so excited because I'm going in November, and very happy too because I didn't have to wait too much time, cause I'm still a teen hahaha.
Great video, Greetings from Perú 🇵🇪
Robyn foale
That must have been a hell of a river when it first started carving the canyon into the rock....the sheer size is hard to fathom.
Hey Nice Shoes. 😂
we also took a helicopter flight from las vegas to the grand canyon.. that was one of the best things in our lives so far !!
Beau LaForge
Slick New Balances with the knock off Adidas socks. Life was so much simpler just 8 years ago.
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The Grand Canyon Skywalk Grand Canyon Helicopter Flight 2 days ago   02:59

"The Grand Canyon Skywalk"

For more info:
Music from CD: Sacred Spirit: Chants And Dances Of The Native Americans.
Track:Counterclockwise Circle Dance
There are claims that original song and music is
not Native American but rather from Native tribe of Norway.
Here is the link to the other version;
So far this claim sounds very much plausible.