Film Theory: DHMIS Unmasked! Film Theory: The GROSS Truth 11 months ago   12:30

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Don't Hug Me I'm Scared made a sudden return with a trailer that NO ONE was expecting. They were seemingly gone forever. Now we potentially have a whole new season to look forward to - but what will that season BE? Today Theorists, we are taking the trailer apart piece by piece to figure out what the DHMIS team has in store for us next!

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Omg they are reusing props just like in first season omg omg yall know what this means *the duck is donald trump* yall i figured it out from a twenty second video of over analyzing im so smart!
Duck will/is/will be/might be mayor.
The key, as well, sings a catchy song.
Beyond the song, reddish finds footsteps and makes a silly moment.
The original mayor ran away from the town.
His name is Mr. Pigface.
He also sings.
Reddish finds him, in the forest, looking in the binoculars.
I don’t know the locked out part.
Mama Yeets
I'm about a
pre teen and
I hate Trump
Super SonicLogan
The fact that Mat is always right because that’s what happens I’m not going to ruin it but sneak peek duck becomes mayor and traps everyone being over prote
Nathan Panusky
My only question...
Why did Duck suddenly have a perpetual hate for the Red Guy?
Ok nvm what I said on the previous video
Amber_ gacha
ThE doNalD _DUcK_
H20 Fan
Dude there is a glove with the robot duck clip with the yellow guy
George_Aarons_ Action_Attraction
they have there old colors
AJ Voris
"Duck is Donald trump."

Me:We shall wonder no longer.
Yeah thats a first for a positive take on Gen Z
Please don't ruin dhmis with this crap. We don't need any more politically woke thingy things in the shows, we just need season 2 where green is a creative color, not the liberal agenda
Aya Ghachi
Ok so hear me out there is the character duck. Who is a really famous duck ? DONALD duck who also has the name Donald?Donald Trump
Duck = Donald Trump
ThatCringeyPeep 69
me: * rewatching after listening to the key song *
Matt Pat 0:29 : "Too much watching won't make your teeth go grey, iT WILL MAKE THEM FALL OUT"
Flashback to the key: "TaKe OuT aLL yOuR fRoNt TeeTh!"
Me: * Falls off chair *
[I'm not putting the full lyric for spoiler reasons :3]
Edit: That "marble" is actually the Mayor's special bowling ball. Or... his prized bowling ball--? Point is, it's a bowling ball. That's not /really/ important, but Duck/Robin wants it, so... :/
It's been 11 months. Still nothing... I was hoping the first episode would come out on the 20th of June but that's past us
Jason is so proud of you
A MatPat and Erik Voss Collin would be the greatest thing of all time
Ella Spies
Donald trump was in home alone two. In the hotel
1000 subs with n vid
Wait but didn’t the red guy reset dhis so then they should be their own favourite colour and this shouldn’t be a thing
Professor Obvious
How is trump the duck 😂trump wants freedom, also not many people in England dislike trump it’s just a small loud minority
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Film Theory: The GROSS Truth Film Theory: DHMIS Unmasked! 11 months ago   10:08

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