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This video show you an amazing RC Lamborghini Aventador Car Build from Cardboard, Battery, DC Motors , RC 2.4 Ghz Radio Control Circuit Card . This is most popular sports car. I hope you everyone like this Lamborghini car and have fun with it.

Material Use in this Lamborghini

Thin Cardboard
2 Dc Motors (3 volt each)
RC 2.5 ghz radio control circuit card
Servo Motor for left or right
old color pens
4.7 v Chargeable Battery
6 led bulbs (4 White for front light, 2 Red for back light)
Reflecting film for coloring this car

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5 AMAZING HANDMADE CARS WOW! Super RC Lamborghini || DIY || Cardboard 6 months ago   05:40

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