Giving $10,000 To A Homeless Dog 🙀 10 MOST AWESOME AND UNUSUAL 9 months ago   12:03

Rocky Kanaka
Meet Freddie as seen on The Dodo Little But Fierce. I gave a dog rescue $10,000 but only 10 minutes to spend it. Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue takes the dogs that are often left behind by other groups so I thought they would be perfect for this shopping spree challenge. If there is anyone that deserves a random act of kindness it is Marley's Mutts, their team and all of their rescue dogs. Marley's Mutts wins this money challenge and they deserve it!

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If you love challenges, giving money to strangers like MrBeast , social experiment videos the Yes Theory with Will Smith and other family friendly fun videos then you will love this viral video that we finished in 24 hours
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Rocky Kanaka
What other rescues should I surprise like this?
Elsa Pihlström
Emma and Freddie are soooooooo cute!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶
April Vega
Hooch is so darn CUTE!!:O
Brandon Sanders
Imagine if all of the billionaires in the world did things like this😇❤️
Gavin’s gaming Videos
I love you guys 😍
Isaac Fuerte
I want to adopt Bosco
Gaming with Mia
There gonna get stuff for the dog shelter
Sneak Entry
What would you buy?
Me: Imma just yeet everything I see
better 4me
maybe one day I will adopt a puppy from give 3 or 4 years
Joe Mac
great day for the dog's
green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff
I love these and all animals....what a cool thing to do! . ..go guys! ....go! ...the girl is way to long!....,go lady!
Megan Coc
make more vids like thisssss
Cat. Wing
New York Bully Crew
Marina Reese
Going to adopt another dog this Friday 😍
Ajakh7 Henry
AHHh FREDIE AND EMMA ARE SOoOo CUTE I love the name fredie Mercury his music is soo good hOOCH IS SOO CUTE TO
Angela was the slowest person I have ever seen. She should not be trying on clothes while the clock is ticking. Then she stands at the register pricing things while she is still on the clock. I would not have brought her along.
Teagen Brown
Please reply me and my 2 sisters are doing a donation to our local animal shelters
Hamza Malik
they gonna get some pusyss
Arianna Martinez
I have some dog’s and I love them soooo much
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🙀 10 MOST AWESOME AND UNUSUAL Giving $10,000 To A Homeless Dog 9 months ago   08:23

What can be better than having a nice and loving pet?
Of course, a cat or a dog is an endless source of high spirits and joy!
But some people prefer keeping in their houses much more exotic creatures.
Now I want you to see TOP 10 wild animals living with humans.

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