RC CARS vs ORBEEZ SLIME!! ESCAPE THE MINIONS! | Roblox | Guava 1 week ago   12:00

Carl & Jinger Family
We put tons of Orbeez Slime on a Slip n Slide to race RC Cars and Trucks! This was one of the funnest things we've ever done!
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Carl & Jinger Family
If you could pick any one of these RC Trucks to race agains me which one would you pick?
Wizkid2500 And friends
How old is Kyle
Amber Matlock
Amber Matlock
Anton Haliburton
Show on the top now
BRG1982 Guge
I'm a teen and a girl and I love rd cars. I also love normal and kick boxing as well as I love playing football with the boys on my team . Like American football
Yahaira Perez
Mason Jagoe
Mason Jagoe
i would pick zippy
Mason Jagoe
that is so cool
Axel The Gaming
Why do you dont do rc race at water
Uncle Ron
I have a hole bunch of those and it’s called e reeee vooo
Jake Paul: I’m have the worst, most obnoxious YouTube channel.

Carl&Jinger Family: Hold my beer
Ellen Bridge
Marchea DeLige
Like won
Al Strege
I think zippy
Michael Stephenson
Al Strege
. hippie
Naim 101
kyle won the first one
Josmar natal
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ESCAPE THE MINIONS! | Roblox | Guava RC CARS vs ORBEEZ SLIME!! 1 week ago   18:20

We must escape the minons!
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