Rescue Kittens Rehab The Heartwarming Story of a Kitten's Rescue 2 months ago   02:05

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Warning: Rescue Kittens playing with Bodie the wolfhound ahead. #ZanesWorld

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A1 guy
wooooow just when i thought Zane Lampry couldnt be more of a cooler dude.... then he does this..... 3 SHEETS FOR LIFE!
amit kumar
This man is an angel
People like you are the best of the best!!
Sea Pilot
I think I have a permanent lump in my throat. A very noble gesture.
Carl Alford
Awesome!  Wonderful story, wonderful people!
Ariel Hijazi
Thank you for taking in all 3 of these babies !❤❤❤❤❤
I know the cats must have been uncomfortable, but those clogged noses are the cutest sounds!
Rickey Mitchell
you guys are the mosy awesome people! 👪
Haven't seen yall much as of late. Hope everything is going good!
I, Valentin
No naming the kittens 😂😂😂
She's Sometimes Double Chocolate!
LOL, "We will not name them!" 2 seconds later... "This is Maisy..." (spelling?)! :-D
they kept them all, right ???
Bodie is paw-some. Wolfhounds are gentle giants.
The Darci 13
I sure would love to have the darker seal point one. When it meowed it sounded like my Kobe whom I lost a couple of years ago he was 15:(
Jennifer Armstrong
while i didn't go to the pound, i did rescue my cats, they were trailer park kittens out of the 3 we got only one was healthy, the other two had worms and fleas so bad. but they are all fixed and healthy now! :3 also i have 4 other cats that i guess some people dump or they wondered from home but oh well they're my backyard cats now.
michelle leigh Adams
i just found your channel!!!! you both are sooo awesome!!!! i have 2 ferals that i am taking care of... i work for a feral rescue, our humane society in our town puts them down cause they cant bother to help them!!! I am so blessed to see our small shelter is not fighting a losing battle and it gives me hope that we are not alone!!! THANK YOU!! Sincerley Ferguson and Angus Rupert!!! And their human Michelle!!! Subscribe for sure!! MUCH LOVE IN ONTARIO CANADA!!
"We will not name the cats." Cut to him telling you a kitten is Mazy (?)
Compassion, pay it forward! Bravo!
Just wanted to say 2 things. Great stuff you are doing rescuing those kittens, what a wonderful heart you have. The other is that I miss you not doing Three Sheets anymore. That was a fantastic show and I have you're DVD's from the seasons. My favorites will always be when you were in Belgium & the NYC New Year's Eve Pub Crawl.
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The Heartwarming Story of a Kitten's Rescue Rescue Kittens Rehab 2 months ago   02:17

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