Randall Kamien – Lead Editor, 2018 Fields Medal Recipient 2 days ago   01:45

Randan Kamien joins us on APS TV to discuss the Reviews of Modern Physics publication and why its 90th anniversary is such a landmark in the physics community.

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الكون العظيم
I have two questions about M theory
Theory-M organized five versions of string theory through the eleventh dimension
M theory is the theory of membranes
These membranes are parallel universes extending from the eleventh dimension

The first question is about membranes and calabi-yao spaces
Are membranes are spaces Kalapi-Yao?

The second question about the number of dimensions in space Kalabi-Yao?
Does it contain the eleventh dimension?

Please send the first and second question to space scientists
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2018 Fields Medal Recipient Randall Kamien – Lead Editor, 2 days ago   04:39

We speak to the award winning algebraic geometrist about his childhood in Kurdistan, inspiration from his brother, as well as some insight into his cutting-edge work in the minimal model program. Prof Birkar’s work looks to identify the geometric spaces know as ‘varieties’, and using the minimal model program to classifying them and find the simplest examples, one step of which is the evasive process known as flips.