Russ - Got It Good (Official Video) Jay Rock - OSOM ft. J. Cole 11 months ago   03:00


Directed by Russ, Clayton Hillyard, & Jonathan Herren
Filmed by Clayton Hillyard
Edited by Russ


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special thanks to Shukie & Karli

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Together we will all have it good.
April Dawn McQuay
Wow he truly is the chosen one!!!
Sulica Ojeda
Tell you ain't that stupid👌..... Fuck with me ayy.🤘👊
Leo Zamudio
I had to come back for this banger 👏🏼
Shonte James
russ is me fravrite singer like my best i only listen to his songs and he is _ _ _ _ _
Jaime Coria
Buenas rolas tiene este amigo y buen ritmo
ndeah Nieto
Daren Goudeau
Ahe im old school i hate some of these young music but this cat got one right here
Salu2 si vienes por Viko-Senpai UwUr
Like si viniste del canal del viko senpai xd
levltc loganja
Ayy Zee
I’ve listened to hip hop my entire life and all hip hop and I’ve never related with an artists lyrics more than I have with Russ’ lyrics! It’s like we’ve lived very similar lives and I discovered him back in 2014 from a girl I was dating who was from Dubai and I sang and performed for her spitting some bars too and she says, “you remind me of Russ!” But on the West Coast I’m So Cal nobody was bumping him yet! So as soon as I heard What They Want drop on one of these local radio stations I already knew who he was! I’m a much better vocalist but his lyrical ability is just a tad better than mine. But I’m practicing daily and I write better music! If anyone is gonna be a smart ass and ask where’s my music...I’m not releasing it until I have my first album completed. Also attending M.I. this Fall and so one of the labels we work with are going to want to sign me and then I can release it all like Jesus Christ coming down from the Heavens to save us all from these sounds people call trap music; but it’s not music! It’s half regarded kids who don’t make sense spitting very horribly on top of sounds and vibrations! THE PEOPLE ARE STARVING FOR REAL MUSIC!! ITS ON THE RISE! Trap and main stream pop shit is dying so fast, quicker than Disco! Haha Disco will live longer than trap or crap which is country rap or even this shit rap some call hip hop! Only a few modern artists making real hip hop like the homie RUSS, Joey Badass, IDK, YBN Cordae, Anderson .Paak, Ab-Soul (black hippie) , beast coast and Flatbush zombies, and Mac Miller R.I.P.! NOT INCLUDING any of the artists who have been in the game 10 years plus
زدني علمًا 2.0
2019 *anyone* ?
Andrew Sherfinski
Russ is 🔥
Tinny Yadav
Roll me some, just to get me right
Pour me some, just to get me right
Run around the country like a boss do
Flyin' around the world like a diplomat
Told that bitch shoulda' treat me right
Hollywood hills yeah I seen these heights
Run around the country like a boss do
Flyin' around the world like a diplomat

I could probably catch you with your knees down
Have you looking at me like you knew it
Getting way too caught up in these towns
Tell me that ya' not that stupid (Ooooo)
Tell me that ya' not that stupid (Ooooo)
Tell me that ya' not that stupid

[Hook x4:]
Fuck with me, you know you got it good

Killers on my phone, next to my ma'
Macivan on the phone said it's time to put on
Boutta' pull up on him at the D mall
But I weigh the ups and downs like a seesaw

Life out the trap nigga wanna' come get it I got it
Life out the trap nigga wanna' come get it I got it

[Hook x4:]
Fuck with me, you know you got it good

Master in my craft living like a bachelor in the hat
So I can get to the D mall with a compound and a stash
Duffle bags full of over night clothes
For these over night shows
Back in Atlanta fucking with over night hoes
But it's time to branch out I need that outta' state commission
Its more money when you leave you know that outta' state tuition
Intuition that's the rhythm that I'm grooving with
Tell me what's your energy show me what you moving with
I ain't new to this, don't be stupid bitch

[Hook x8:]
Fuck with me, you know you got it good
Kristin O'Neal
Gaaahh I love this dudes music! And....I want to pull that hair!😍
Greg Gomes
July 2019 anyone????
Josh AllBlack
Any 2019 mfs up in this bitch?
tanveer akbar
A1 banger, fuckin with this good shit
Lil' C. Corleone
trying to be like you one day holmes
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Jay Rock - OSOM ft. J. Cole Russ - Got It Good (Official Video) 11 months ago   05:16

Directed by Dave Free (of The Little Homies) & Jack Begert
'REDEMPTION' out now:

Producer: Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Dave Free, Tay Hawes, Angel J Rosa

Production Company: TDE Films and AJR Films

Follow Jay Rock:

Music video by Jay Rock performing OSOM. © 2018 Top Dawg Ent., under exclusive license to Interscope Records