DURAMAX DISCS FIELD OVER 5 months ago   14:24

FARMING WITH A PICKUP TRUCK. INSANE TORQUE!!! Disc was over 8” deep. Unbelievable that it was even able to move this much dirt and keep going. So much fun honestly. HUGE thanks to Logan and Ethan for helping out today. @yogie.115 and @bright6583_

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Sara Davendonis
Do u guys realize actually how much pressure is being applied it's like holding your brakes on in front and pushing with your back tires which it's like having 308 gear ratio in rear because of tire size and all the overhang pressure on spindles and bearings plus pulling farming disc the truck is literally fighting every which way possible that's a chevy for u
Somber Ghost542
My Tools MEAN Nothing To Me
Spencer Harmon
Who needs a tractor when you have a Duramax
Viktor Shokur
That’s actually a little fast for discing
Forgot to hook up the hydraulic lines 🤣
Jesse Regnold
Do burnouts with those tires
Walker Mccreight
That drone sounds like a fly😄
Walker Mccreight
Hook Frank to it.
Julio Segundo
Waisted money
Killingsley Johnsok
Lmao all his videos have hilarious thumbnails 😂😂😂 Great content kid!
Bobby G
Mac it 11 fet
thehorrorgamer 14
can you explode a turbo
Adam Danieluk
Za mały rozstaw kół 25 metrów będzie dobry
2 c`S LIVE
O Brasil agradece pelo vídeo
do you do all this shit with the stock tranny? im impressed
More drones in your vidz
S. Stewart
Be freaking cool to see a built Duramax or Cummins, along with a built Allison thrown in an actual tractor
Вокуев Евгений
Sean John
tow the same cars wit the ford and it wouldn't move lol. single car behind the ford that was actually in neutral not park I know your just trying to get people going lol
Nolaw RootBeer
You should put a lift kit on a semi truck !
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