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Rhaegar: Was Jon’S Father The True | Maisie Williams Reveals Arya - At Up-Tube.com

Rhaegar: was Jon’s father the true Maisie Williams Reveals Arya 2 years ago   16:39

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Who was Jon Snow’s father, Rhaegar Targaryen? What were his political plans for his father, Mad King Aerys? What were his beliefs about the prophecy of Azor Ahai and the three heads of the dragon?

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maria luíza
rhaegar: i am the azor ahai
arya: hold my face
You really need to stop putting the greatest spoilers of the franchise right in the title. Kind of shitty for new fans. I finished the books earlier this year and finished season 6 literally last week. If I hadn't, I'd be pissed. Videos like this make me fear my recommended list.
Timothy Mills
"Oh, and did I say I play the harp?"
Débora Cardoso
Rhaella had more children with her brother and husband The Mad King, but they died on stillbirth, childbirth and miscarrige, the last children that she had was Daenerys but Rhaella died giving birth to Daenerys Targaryen
Dominique Thomas
Ok I'm new to this Game of Thrones world, but I thought to be a Targaryen you had to have the silver hair. So if that's the case, how is Jon part of the family? I mean according to the book that Ned was reading that was what was written. Unless I'm missing something, I don't think Jon is a Targaryen.
donald deluxe
The rebellion wasn’t based on a lie FFS! It was not because Lyanna and rhaegar loved each other, it was the fact that rhaegar was already married with two children and that Rickard and Brandon were imprisoned with neither a fair trial or trial by combat and lyanna’s just being plowed by rhaegar and his seed while more than half of Westeros is in civil war.
Touseef Safi
Beautiful explain
Ryan O
To those who are saying that this huge build up was for nothing cause of the anticlimactic scene of Arya killing Night King, DON’T LET THE SHOW SPEAK FOR THE BOOKS.
I have a question why were there still important political marriages to make alliances between two lord paramounts unless they planned to wage war anyway? We’re they always gonna rebel and just used Ed starks sister as a reason for it I wonder?
King Zaya
Rhaegar is foul asf
Piga Chu
Geofrey was the most top rated death facing down smuthering the pavement and gagging on poison😂😂😂😂
harris sheikh
Only if things weren't that fucked up. Then targeryans and starks together would have been unbeatable
Tanjil hasan
Arya...you continue you bla bla....i am going to kill night king
I’m sorry, but it’s honestly amazing to me how anyone could ever think someone like Rhaegar is a “hero” when he is anything but. It’s like people literally ignore that he mistreated his wife and children, left his mother and younger brother with his abusive father, allowed his family to become hostages, basically groomed Lyanna (who was only a young teenager while he was in his 20’s) to be his broodmare, only because his wife Elia couldn’t have any more children, Elia and his two children are brutally murdered while he couldn’t care less, among many other shitty things he has done. People love glorifying his relationship with Lyanna and at the same time those same people throw racist slurs towards Elia and treat her like she’s nothing. And the show is even worse in its treatment of Elia. And it also didn’t make Rhaegar look any better. He gets an annulment, even though that pretty much means that the children he had with Elia become bastards and if they had all lived, they would have been left in the dust with nothing. And of course would have humiliated Elia. What an absolute shit thing to do. No, he was not a good man and definitely not a hero.
Herpy Depth
You know now that I think about it I don’t recall Pod and Clegane ever being in the same room together
No Name
I hope to see the great story of azor ahai at the last book.
No Name
So real azor ahai was Rhaegar Targaryen. He have done terrible things to save the world from darkness. F
cesar leon
wonder if he was a good guy until got crazy on the search of power, well, just like his sister.
Conway Fitzgerald
Hi GOT fans! I'm producing an audiobook of my novel The Giant Killers. I'm adding music, sfx, and foley to help build the scene. If you're into fantasy adventure and can't wait for the 'next thing' please check it out!: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/BYIdLJoJLzR
arya be like:

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Maisie Williams Reveals Arya Rhaegar: was Jon’s father the true 2 years ago   01:32

Couple of interesting names on this list..
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