Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech Token - Code Red (Official Music 2 weeks ago   04:14

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Camera work: Ben Proulx
Prod. Nox Beatz


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Adrian Delgado
I wonder who will win against token versus the real AK
This is real rap 🔥
NunChuck Taylor
Didn’t care for token til that logic diss.
DNE 1978
3 million veiws? Wtf is wrong w ppl?!! Should easily be 30 mil
This is special!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anthony Sivakumar
who's got this on repeat rn
K1ng Ar2ur
liking tokens hoody 👌🏽
Ancie 11
Token ft Tech Crazyyyyyyy 🔥🔥 If u want to start the week with fire u should really check Street Light - The Fallout (Music Video) One Love homie!
We need another Token Tech collab! These 2 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Hero - هيرو
Best rap song 2019 🔥🔥
Tech n9ne has one of my all time favorite flows
hasan power
The beginning where tech coms in 💯💯
Syarif Reps
Fadel Afandi
Shit voldemort can rap
World, by Wilson-Media
Was there a Logic diss in there?
Nova Clips
why does tech have three identical pieces on his chains
Team YPG
This is rap !
Matthew LaMacchia
Alot of people have ghost writers rapping about other people's lives for money and power...Are you guys straight like Eminem or you being paid to rap for a ghost (someone else life)...You know who controls Television and Radio right....we're do you think those demons get banges by putting people in situations and problems to see how the react....Raw power....
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Token - Code Red (Official Music Token - Youtube Rapper ft. Tech 2 weeks ago   03:46

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Special thanks to the Hudson K9 Training Center for providing Pyscho and Odin on the video! Thank the dogs for not killing me.

Snap - tokenhiphop

Prod. by Nox Beatz

Directed by Ben Proulx & Token