Whoopi Goldberg Surprises 'The Judge Judy Best Cases 2 weeks ago   11:28

The View
“The only way it’s going to get better is if I begin, so this is my beginning," she told the co-hosts after surprising them while on-air Thursday.

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Tori Collins
Pnuemonia in BOTH lungs and sepsis?! WTF? That's scary. Proof that we all sometimes push through sickness & don't take it serioualy enough. Glad to see Whoopi back!! Queeeeeen!!!👸
Debra Brawdy
The warthog is still alive
Jeanie Snowden
Omg why didn't her illness keep her home forever
Toni Weeden
God Bless you Woopie!
Alex Spearing
Show so much better without her.
Connie Roark
Now... since whoopi is seen... how about bringing RBG out in real time????? jus/sayin'
Leronda Smith
Welcome back whoopie
Birdy Sayvor
Fake happiness.... They were all glad to have some break from the controlling dreadlock monster😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
janice holman
Like they didn't know she was there... TV is a lie
denisse almonte
God bless her 🥰
Max Sam
Fucking silverback!
Sean Murph
Goodbye whoopie...hopefully
Geraldine Tucker
I'm so glad to see Whoopi. When you see her you knew that she is a true fighter, God hhas the healing power. I've had this cough for over a month and it's getting better but because I'm not a fan of Doctor's I will not go unless it's to a point where I'm calling out Jesus name. But Whoopi get plenty of rest and see you on the View.
Her black face friend joy wasn't about to give her the seat back
Darlene Shepard
I am watching this on my computer and I been watching this on the news about her being sick with Pneumonia and almost dying from this. I am very glad that she's on the mend from this. I had Pneumonia as a child so I know I was 10 years old and spend 4 months in the hospital.
That happened to me too plus a kidney infection.
Benjamin rasta Benson
BeachN Sandy
You tryin to save your career...that's why you came back.The devil is still waiting for the soul you sold to him to get to where you are. Keep being the agenda backers puppet.
Gale Wright-Lyons
I hope Whoopi stopped smoking permanently.  I had problems with my lungs, and it's a painful ordeal to have a thoracentesis procedure twice.  Oxygen level drops and most of us look like a ghost in terms of losing pigment in skin color.  I have to stay away from people to avoid germs because I have scars on my lungs and active lymph nodes.
Rita Johnson
i tried to watch the show so many times! but that so called woman (whoopi) irritates me!!!!!
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