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The periodic table becomes one hundred years old in 2019. The family of Heusler compounds uses nearly all the elements in the Periodic Table to allow for the design of materials with all sorts of properties. Claudia Felser discusses the simple rules that have been learned to date and what the future might portend for further additions to the large and ever-growing Heusler family.

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Kavli Foundation Special Symposium: Kavli Foundation Special Symposium:Claudia 2 days ago   01:14

Glasses are generally regarded as highly disordered and the idea of "controlling" molecular packing in glasses is reasonably met with skepticism. However, as glasses are non-equilibrium materials, a vast array of amorphous structures are possible in principle. Mark Ediger discusses how Physical vapor deposition (PVD) allows a surprising amount of control over molecular packing in glasses and can be used to test the limits of amorphous packing.