Inside a 9,000 square foot A True Entertainer’s Loft in Tribeca, 2 days ago   01:38

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Tour the inside of 60 Collister.

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Stefan Reirref
What, the owners couldn't afford to publish it so they had to sell, one supposes !
isn't this the so called "Marble House" featured on Bravos Million dollar listings ?
Hanno the Phoenician
That was a really stupid comment. Why would they lie about condo size? Your on line name is accurate.
Hanno the Phoenician
The spaces were large and high, very nice. I liked the pool. However, for that money I'd want something higher up with a view, and furnishings that weren't so generic and cheap looking.
Fuck. My. Life.
can you say Jay-z & beyonce
Graham Dillon
Like the lap pool! About the only good thing in it. I rather have a comfy sized 1-2 bedroom apartment even if I had over 100 million. It's not like I'm raising a family and even if I was, I'd rather have closer quarters than this. So a 2 bed room apartment, 2.5 baths, and a nice granite topped kitchen with a lap pool on a high rise in midtown would be the ultimate for me.
Nothing great
Kevin Janaway
Look, if it's half or a portion of what Daddy Warbucks had, then it needs to be a portion of the price. That only has 4 bedrooms. That's a nice kitchen but u could buy 4 really nice houses just outside Manhattan for that total price. That pool and sauna were not huge. That home should not cost more than 11 million and that includes property tax. People will never want to/be able to live in NY at those prices.
Camera Noire
orange4x12 cabinets in the walls..nice
The pool area could be a lot more welcoming. Also, what's the maitenance fee? It probably is several thousand a month on top of the asking price, not to mention taxes, utilities, staff (Yes staff, look at that laundry room. It's for a maid) The real price is a lot higher than $24.5Million.
@AirOrdinanceHD I was referring to my comment , chill out.
@Johnnymushio Oh nevermind, but I still don't know why I ever watched this video. Maybe it was recommended.
@AirOrdinanceHD I typed that one month ago? Why?
What does the ruler say about the square-feet of the Tribeca condo?
@BigHrdB haha good one =p
and reason I don't like this is because I'm not a fan of older looking apartments.
Google User
Look in the'll see BOTH.
@BigHrdB whats the difference between the two?
Google User

YOU are BLITHERING MORON who doesn't know his/her ass from his/her elbow.
actually i dont even like it.
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A True Entertainer’s Loft in Tribeca, Inside a 9,000 square foot 2 days ago   02:21

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This duplex penthouse in the heart of TriBeCa offers over 3,026 sq-ft of interior space, along with three spectacular outdoor spaces, including a private rooftop with panoramic views of Downtown and the Hudson River. With floor-to-ceiling windows encompassing entire walls of glass, and soaring 18-foot-high ceilings, this open and airy home is bathed in light all day.

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