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Emory University
Emory University, a top liberal arts research university located in Atlanta, Georgia, is an inquiry-driven, ethically engaged and diverse community whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through courageous leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, health care and social action.

The university is recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts college, superb professional schools and one of the Southeast's leading health care systems.

To learn more, visit http://www.emory.edu

[Facts current as of May 2013]

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FireFox 612
My girlfriend was named after this college thingamijiger
Jihad Countermeasures
Emory is rotten. Emory opposes our basic human rights by encouraging islam. Emory does not even know that muslims do not belong to a race and that islam is at war with us.
Emory 2023!!!
Jessica C.
My dream school. I'm so scared for Wednesday... :/
Didn't know america had schools or universities.
Minsku ,
Too bad im in Finland
Gilgamesh Of Sumer
if you look in the direct where a woman is standing/sitting, even if you aren't directly looking at them, you will be removed from the campus.
All in all they are quite accepting, a very inclusive community where diverse people can encounter one another and form lifelong memories and friendships. If you get in, you can be totally for sure that you'll have a bright and secure future.
In one month I will come back here and celebrate that I got in
I can’t wait to transfer to Emory University and also get into the PA program !!!
Gerardo Avila
I want to go to this college right now im in middle school but this is my dream university thats why im trying to get a's and b's
lol they say they’re good at sports. Everyone is a winner at the d3 level
Aab Abdullah ali
I'm from Indonesia like for emory University
fanatsywriter 12345
I just got finished reading the comments (because that's what I always do during a YouTube video) and I don't understand why so many people are being so mean to those who were scared, because they found the "chalk thing" scary. If you found something scary, or was scared of something, you wouldn't like people insulting you.
my safety school
erghjkm vbnmlp
University of Michigan presentation appears to ‘dignify and redeem’ sex between men and boys
Bethany Torstenson - Vanguard University February 9, 2018

Women’s studies professor seeks to reject ‘overly idealized imaginaries’ of ‘queer kinship’

A presentation at the University of Michigan will deal with the subject of pederasty, or sex between men and boys, with the professor giving the speech apparently hoping to “dignify and redeem” what he calls “intergenerational modern pederastic relationships.”

The workshop, scheduled for 9 February 2018 and titled “Pederastic Kinship: Deidealizing Queer Studies,” will be presented by Kadji Amin, assistant professor of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Emory University (201 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30322 USA 404-727-6123)

... Kadji Amin. Assistant Professor. WGSS. Office: Candler 128H. ... Email:
kadji.amin@emory.edu. Additional Contact Information. Mailing Address: ...
wgss.emory.edu/home/people/faculty/Amin-Kadji.html - 20k
Emory College Faculty

... & Programs » Emory College Faculty. Emory College Faculty. Content
Loading. Kadji Amin. Assistant Professor. Education. ...
catalog.college.emory.edu/department-program/faculty.php?YToxOntzOjI6ImlkIjtzOjM6IjkwMSI7fQ== - 23k
New Tenure-Track Faculty: 2017 | Provost | Emory University

... Kadji Amin Assistant Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Kadji
Amin completed his PhD in Romance Studies (French) at Duke ...
provost.emory.edu/faculty/promotion/new-faculty/list-tenure-track-2017.html - 50k - 2017-11-20
New Tenure-Track Faculty: 2017 | Provost | Emory University

... Kadji Amin Assistant Professor, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Kadji
Amin completed his PhD in Romance Studies (French) at Duke ...
www.provost.emory.edu/faculty/promotion/new-faculty/list-tenure-track-2017.html - 50k - 2017-11-20

according to an event listing on the University of Michigan’s website.

Hosted by the university’s Doing Queer Studies Now “interdisciplinary workshop,” it will explore the “kinship form” of “modern pederasty.”

“To identify a relational form as ‘queer kinship’ is to implicitly dignify and redeem it,” the event listing reads. “What are the limits of such redemption? This talk tests the boundaries of the discourse of queer family by investigating a sexually, ethically, and politically dubious kinship form: namely, modern pederasty.”

Amin did not return two emails from The College Fix seeking clarification on his presentation. Deboleena Roy, chair of Emory’s Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department, similarly did not return a request for comment; nor did Emory spokeswoman Megan McRainey.

Glbtq.com, billed as “the world’s largest encyclopedia of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer culture,” defines pederasty as an “erotic relationship between an adult male and a boy, generally one between the ages of twelve and seventeen.” It does not list a definition of pedophilia.

Merriam-Webster’s medical dictionary defines pederasty as “anal intercourse especially with a boy as the passive partner.” It defines pedophilia as “sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object.”

The description for Amin’s guest lecture notes that “pederastic kinship is a forgotten and uncomfortable precursor to gay and lesbian ‘chosen’ and nuclear family that restores power and inequality to overly idealized imaginaries of queer kinship.”

Amin is the author of “Disturbing Attachments: Genet, Pederast and Queer History,” a work that focuses on French author Jean Genet’s “life practices of affiliation.”

“Pederasty, which was central to Genet’s sexuality and to his passionate cross-racial and transnational political activism late in life, is among a series of problematic and outmoded queer attachments that Amin uses to deidealize and historicize queer theory,” the book’s Amazon description states.

According to his biography on Emory’s website, Amin holds a PhD in Romance Studies and a graduate certificate in Feminist Studies. He was a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in “Sex” at the University of Pennsylvania Humanities Forum in 2015-16.

His biography states he has researched “the disorienting effects of the queer and transgender past on politicized fields of scholarship,” and his upcoming second book “uses the history of transsexual science to rethink the priorities of transgender and feminist theory.”

MORE: Cambridge Conference: Pedophilia Is ‘Natural and Normal’

MORE: Common Core Text Portrays Pedophilia as ‘Innocent,’ and ‘Tender’
Bryan Truong
How do we know how good it really is when they lie and put out fake data ?
DeAngelis Marshall
Emory is very big wow!
Tori Bracco
What's the GPA/SAT to get in? I have a 3.7 and a 1230...
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MOST Amazing University Campuses Emory University Overview 11 months ago   07:24

School isn’t just a place where you trudge hopelessly through studying and hope you have enough money for food when you get back to your dorm. Some campuses, like the ones you’ll see here, are actually beautiful, which helps ease the stress of classes--just a little bit.

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10. University of British Columbia
The campus of the University of British Columbia is a beautiful and interesting one. Surrounding it are all more modern looking buildings and facilities. And then there’s the Irving K. Barber Learning Center which is UBC’s most historic buildings on campus and looks like it came from a different century all together like it belongs in an old gothic novel and not on the west coast of Canada.

9. Yale
Yale of course is the 3rd oldest university in the United States, having been founded in the year 1701. Beinecke Library, however, is one of the newest additions to the campus, having been completed in the year 1963--which is before a few other universities in the same country were even founded. The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library is a simple box shape on the outside, and looks like a modern art marvel on the inside.

8. University of Edinburgh
The campus for the University of Edinburgh is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. Located in the capital city of Scotland, the school was founded in 1582, which shows it the classic, old european style of the buildings. There’s even a portion named Little France, which is the Chancellor’s building and houses the medical school.

7. West Point
West Point, also known as the United States Military Academy, has a campus that resembles something closer to the fortification of an old castle instead of a military academy and when it’s looks empty like this, it looks more like a glimpse into an old world.

6. Pepperdine
Pepperdine University is located in Malibu, California, which means it’s right next to a beautiful, blue beach. What’s better than going to school right next to that?

5. Scott Arboretum Swarthmore College
Swarthmore College is located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania and is home to the Scott Arboretum. One of the most must see sights at the college is the forest amphitheatre that seems more like a sight out of a fantasy novel.

4. Rangsit University
Rangsit University is located in the Pathum Thani Province in Thailand and was founded in the year 1985--so definitely one of the younger schools on this list. Their campus is known for it’s colorful gardens that are artificially colored, which offer a rainbow-like sight for students and those visiting the school.

3. Texas A&M
The Century Tree at Texas A&M is a famous landmark at the university. Located by the Academic building, the tree itself is over 100 years old, and is often a sight where people love to take memorable photos.

2. Oxford University
If the dining hall at Oxford University looks familiar even though you might have never been there, that’s because the great hall at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies were designed to be a much bigger scale version of the one found at Oxford. Not only that, but the school was beautiful enough to also be the site where a few scenes from the movies were filmed.

United States Air Force Academy Chapel
Located in Colorado Springs, the United States Air Force Academy is not only a prestigious academy for federal service, it’s also home to the just as famous Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel, which is known for it’s stunning and sharp design. The school was founded in 1954, with the iconic chapel having been completed n 1962.