Neymar Jr ● OCTOBER 2018 ● Best JOGO HISTÓRICO ● Real Madrid 9 months ago   03:01

King Skills
Neymar Jr ● OCTOBER 2018 ● Best Skills, Goals & Assists Mix | HD
► The best dribbling skills, goals, tricks, passes and assists of Neymar Jr in the month of October 2018.
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⚽ Neymar Jr Vs - Argentina, Crvena Zvezda, Lyon, Napoli, Saudi Arabia, Marseille.
● Clips from: Full matchs, MNcompsJR, Ronnie7M Comps.
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JOGO HISTÓRICO ● Real Madrid Neymar Jr ● OCTOBER 2018 ● Best 9 months ago   18:54

Assista aos Melhores Momentos desse jogo histórico entre Real Madrid e Barcelona (23/03/2014). Assista em HD 720p.

Edição do vídeo: SFcomps.

JOGO HISTÓRICO ● Real Madrid 3-4 Barcelona (23/03/2014) Liga BBVA ● HD 720p

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