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Soldiers Coming Home Surprise | Soldier Homecoming: My Little Brother - At Up-Tube.com

Soldiers Coming Home Surprise Soldier Homecoming: My Little Brother 1 year ago   13:12

Soldiers return home from deployment to surprise their families and pets in this heartwarming compilation.
Welcome Home Soldiers!

Soldiers Homecoming Compilation 57

Soldiers Homecoming Compilation 59

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#Soldierscominghome #Surprise #Emotional #MilitaryHomecoming #Homecomings

Comments 69 Comments

Teta Baleinatauba
I love that so much ❤❤❤💋💋💏👫👭
ı think everybody soldier in america
Young Pàbló
Attention everyone: we need to all ban together and search for this mysterious onion cutting bandit whom feels its necessary to do so while we watch such joyous lovely videos. 👀😂
justin time
How'd you get home? I parachuted. Gold!!!
John McMahon
A lot of soldiers getting some yum yum later that night.
Kevin Colo
It’s always nice when the doggos are happy
Bliss_ qCurvy
That's the reason of why i would like to have a dad...
SafeandSecure 29
Thank you all for serving our country.
Jordan Williams
3:14 imagine thinking your brother couldn't make ur graduation & then casually turning around to see ur brother standing there. Bro, this is all so beautiful ❤️😢
Jessie Rowe
2 things that make me cry so much in these videos are kids crying ‘daddy’ and parents crying ‘my baby!’
Hesam Ashil
Ishikawa Kasumi
Peace forever, some one can't wait to come back
Nelly v D
I wish my family cared about me this much. Everyone just always goes to their rooms. God.
ruben howe
No tears please it's a waste of good' Suffering.
Fred Derf
Dogs are the best! I love how they just get beside themselves because they are so happy.
The Core always looks sharp...
lesbian Queen
Who would disliked this
lee lee
Poor people join the military so that the rich will live. Dumd ass sheep.
Mi Picasso
Loved all of them, but the last one was really, really special. Once he and his mother started hugging, he wasn't going to let her go. The expression on his face was priceless. I know that he missed his Mom and by the hugging, loved her so much.
Lonnie ALL VOL Williams
Im a grown ass man and cry every time I watch these videos. Thank you all for your service.
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Soldier Homecoming: My Little Brother Soldiers Coming Home Surprise 1 year ago   07:34

My little brother has been gone since early June, and my dad and I worked with him to surprise my mom and the rest of my family for Christmas. He convinced everyone he couldn't get leave time approved. Hope everyone enjoys.

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