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The Dodo
On this episode of Soulmates, meet Dean and Nala. Dean found Nala on the side of the road while he was biking his way through Bosnia. Now, these two best friends are biking across the world together.

You can keep up with Dean and Nala's adventures around the world on Instagram, 1bike1world:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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Avocado Pirate
The cat wanted to travel around the world, now found the perfect ride.
Jeff Vamos
That right there would definitely take your mind off the many maaaany miles ahead! So cool......he really does have the best travel partner🐱
Mike Greenall Baron
Really BRILL man
Peter Beerman
moving...never thought this could happen...
David Weatherall
Haha class craic ew
Awww, i want to cry tears of joy!
Why does he sound like Macmillan from Call od Duty! 😂😂
Navi chu
What a great person you are,alot of people in this world would be cruel to animals.
Saber Sketch
This is just too wholesome 😭🐱💕
He biked across the world to met his destiny ❤❤❤❤❤
The greatest hitch-hiker
Oscar Px7
Owyn Jagger
Mate you found the brst cat ever
Ninja Sushi
That was my cat Gidget and I.
Nerf and Stuff 2.0
The cat is happy that you took it. It is showing that it is thankful that you saved it.
SnowHeart Animations
Omg I want a cat like this
chris krak
so cute.. nice one...
Jason Krantz
i was definitely going to get something done today.......
Sir memesalot
God Bless! 777
Sir memesalot
God Bless! 777
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