The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle Duramax Hummer H2 SUT 600HP / 1200FTLB 1 day ago   09:00

Doug DeMuro

I think the Hummer H2 is the most embarrassing vehicle you can buy today -- and here's why.


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Joan Ruiz Jacob
Whenever I see this car all I think about is Sean F Connery wreaking havoc in San Francisco
Vince A
Rather be in a hummer than any fiat or smart car
Caldwel Publications
What this guy is not telling you is the MODEL YEAR of the Hummer H2 and that the Carfax shows a cident(s) and no scheduled maintenance or is obvious the Hummer has not been serviced!
brandon jarvis
Some of the complaints seem like wear n tear after 2yrs of use, how old is that used hummer? I remember when we were kids we always thought the hummer was cool, weren't smart enough to know the h2 was a fraud! Lol the h3 is even worse! Good work doug
Clay Maker
I thought priest got the top spot...
Max Hamilton
I allways loved H2. I think it is cool looking until today.
So u do know you look like a female that is trying to be a man
nashville slim
I think all car manufacturers should watch your videos and learn something. Mr. Leno jr. Lol
Zachary Leonard
And its made out of more plastic then a toy box
Gary Benedict
Why don’t you answer your comments you jerk. You need the taste slapped out of your mouth
Sheikh Moonis
Hummer H2 is a civilian version of a military hummer
You’re an idiot.. you lost me on literally your first comment.. my dad had an h2 and the h2 is for people who think the h1 is cool but actually want something comfortable to drive.. I can’t even watch the rest of this video bc you have already lost your credibility
Daniel Preciado
What about the h3?
Van Chnolo
I bet this guy is a Democrat.
Sofer Incepator!
This car is worst on road like your mother in my bed.
Tristan Knapp
you suck
Dave Cruickshank
How did this car manage to get an oil stain on the interior ceiling?
This guy tried so hard to be funny...... He's just an annoying cunt
Expose The Truth
Sing it now:  "Nothing could be dumber than driving a big, dumb the MOOOOR-NING"   Yeah!
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Duramax Hummer H2 SUT 600HP / 1200FTLB The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle 1 day ago   07:29

Diesel Hummer H2 65MM turbo, Suncoast Allison, 10.5" Full Float Rear Differential !!!!!!!!! INDEFINITELY DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!