The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle Duramax Hummer H2 SUT 600HP / 1200FTLB 2 months ago   09:00

Doug DeMuro

I think the Hummer H2 is the most embarrassing vehicle you can buy today -- and here's why.


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jorge godines
Saturns and old kias are more embarrassing to drive.
Joe Q Public
Unless you're a redneck with a small penis.
jorge godines
When trolers are not commenting, they made this kind of videos. I like hummers at one time only rich people was driving hummers ,I think the gas issue is what kill them. 9miles per gl.
Aaron Kelley
Embarrasing?!...These things were as popular as lambos growing up
I don’t understand the hate hummers get...
Nino Brown
Hummer are cool
Jose Garza
How come the headlights are mounted to the hood and not a fixed part of the body?
Sezer Mazi
Easy all correct
Another proof that americans don’t know how to build a good car
Danny Green
14thousand dislikes 14thousands hummer owners 👆
Evan Patterson
wrong, Toyota poo'is is.
kshama pandey
My car is horrible it goes 0to100 in 15 seconds hillarious
Hey Doug! Hoovie bought a BRIGHT YELLOW Hummer.
he didn't even give it a doug score
National Prussialism
This is the most american car I can imagine. It’s huge, it’s impractical, it’s wasteful and it pretends to be something it isn’t just to look more impressive
Hamiisii M.
in my country the prime minister has a hummer
Well, It wasn't to this guy.
Carson Betsinger
hummers are too cool though
Alex Applegate
You know what is even more embarrassing than an H2? A Hummer H3. If the H2 if for someone who couldn't afford a real Hummer, than an H3 is for someone who couldn't even afford an H2.
Harison Sanchez
I have an H1, H2, & H3... i wouldn't give them up for anything. Your lame for this video!
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Duramax Hummer H2 SUT 600HP / 1200FTLB The Hummer H2 Is the Most Embarrassing Vehicle 2 months ago   07:29

Diesel Hummer H2 65MM turbo, Suncoast Allison, 10.5" Full Float Rear Differential !!!!!!!!! INDEFINITELY DISCONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!