New York City • HOLIDAY SHOPPING Visiting the flea market in new York 2 months ago   03:50

Zane's World
Zane and Mel have a holiday shopping day in New York City and share some popular, and not-so-popular, holiday shopping spots in NYC. It's not a competition, but Mel clearly wins this episode... ;)

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James D. Wheeler
Zane I like you better as a rogue male. With your hot wife you are more of a lap dog. I have all the dvd's so Ill watch them!
Anthony Viducic
Welcome back Zane. You were definitely missed. Bourdain.
Stephen JB Trice
The two of you make awesome tourists.
Albert Shamah
Nice to have you back Zane!! You've been missed! Cheers bud.
Josh Willard
are you selling your jacket yet?
Jason Leck
Welcome back to Youtube, Zane and Mel!
Congrats on landing such a babe man. haha 👌
Eduardo Salcedo
Keep it up Zane!
Brad Zafris
Zane good to see new content. When are we gonna see a new show or more Zane’s world? Happy holidays!
Lucas Hipkins
Love you guys! These videos are great. Keep them coming.
Traveling Adventure Variety
Miss your content. Thank you for this.
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Visiting the flea market in new York New York City • HOLIDAY SHOPPING 2 months ago   09:27

Visitando el flea market en New York