"Eagles def. Bears 16-15 [FULL] AFC & NFC Divisional: "Chargers vs Patriots", 5 months ago   10:41

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"Eagles def. Bears 16-15 in NFC Wild Card; Trubisky 26-43, 303 yds, 1 TD" | NFL Gameday Prime
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Justin webb
“We said if the Bears were gonna lose today, it would have been because of Mitchell Trubisky.” Well guys, you were wrong. If Trubisky wouldn’t have dropped that dime and put the Beats on the Eagles 26 yard line, they wouldn’t have even had a chance to win. Do you know that an average NFL kicker makes that 40-45 yard FG over 80 percent of the time this year? The guy throws over 300 yards against a playoff tested Eagles D that was playing out of their minds, puts us at the Eagles 26 with under a minute left, (how’d the other young QB’s do this year in crunch time?) and this kid still doesn’t get respect...SMH. Let’s not fool ourselves, Parkey lost this game. PS. It really doesn’t matter if the kick was blocked, the Eagle that blocked it didn’t get thru and was being blocked by a Bear, why wasn’t the kick higher? It looked flat and sloppy right off of his foot, please resign Gould.
John Pierre
This is fucked up... Mitch has a solid game and they still bashing him SMMFH
These MF dress like clowns,
Sharpe's shirt is ridiculous, I don't care if it is a Gucci
ProphetDev _
Cody parkey didn't lose the game. When the entire nation and all bear fans expect to destroy the eagles, you can't blame a blocked field goal. Vegas had the eagles -8 and the bears have arguably one of the best D's in the past decade. On the other hand the eagles have people playing from the practice squad still grinding out there. I agree the bears will be better next year but the eagles are better right now. It's a team game and if they blew us out like they were "supposed to", then a parkey field goal wouldn't matter. Next time don't talk so much shit that you can't back up... GO BIRDS 🦅
Hardcore Raider
Too bad the bears didn’t have Mack, they would’ve won!! 😂
Tyler Ibarra
LT: Trubisky played okay
Also LT: Philip Rivers did what he needed to do
I love LT but that doesnt make any sense lmao. My bears rushing game let them down Trubisky did what he needed to do.
Fly solo 28
Who had the better career Philip rivers or Eli Manning and who is better ? think L.A got lucky with Eli not wanting to go there.
Leslie Hill
I guess everybody forgets Nick Foles is a SUPER BOWL Quarter Back and Trubisky is a second year Quarter Back But it didn't come down to nether quarter back Trubisky Gave the bears field goal kicker a chance to win the game and he FAILED the only thing in the game he does is kick a field GOAL and he FAILED at That
Eagles are going to get their revenge on the Saints! Gonna kick that at ass in the Dome!!
Adriano Barbosa
Just because it's Gucci, doesn't mean you have to wear it - Issac Newton
this woman actually knows some nfl...not like SHOUT molly
Hoop N Life
Boy Primetime that hairline is leeeeeeeeaaanin😂
The chargers came in with a Game plan to stop Lamar , the Ravens had this great advantage this year, they could completely change their offence by just changing there QB, yes they should have put Flaco in , not because Lamar was playing badly because the chargers had personal and game planed for him , you put in Flaco and you get at least 2 drives where the chargers are trying to change the defensive strategy on the fly. Once you have the lead by 2 scores you bench Flaco and go back to your ball control offence. If it was any other position on the field would you keep that player in or change personal to stop what the opposition is doing.
The kick was tipped #FlyEaglesFly
Joe momma
sell god Xid
7:08 wtf
Mark Clark
I'm a Bears since '85!! I also agree with the Trubisky analogy! But , also being a hard core Bears fan for 30+ years I have other comments to go along with the loss!!Like I have already stated, Parkey is not responsible for the loss! Again, he did the best he could! Again,he just sucks!The responsible party for the Bears not having an undefeated season lies where it does every stinking season! Upper management and owners!Nothing more nothing less!!!!No excuse for a lackluster offense every flipping year!!If the Bears had even a decent offense they would have at least 4 or 5 more championships to their credit!! Have had absolutely no offensive line for at least the last 20 years!Why can't the upper management see this??Get a quarterback,a kicker and management for this team and you will see a championship next year!!Anything less and you will see same ole same ole!Oh and above all , the mccaskeys are the # 1 reason why the Bears will probably never see another championship in my lifetime!#1 thing that needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!Just saying!Have a great day!!
Danny Kingz
2 things. 1 Shannon you are to old to rock that sweater. 2 it’s an ugly ass sweater.
Gilbert Wells
That Gucci sweater Where it’s at 💯👌🏾
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[FULL] AFC & NFC Divisional: "Chargers vs Patriots", "Eagles def. Bears 16-15 5 months ago   34:51

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