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Study Smarter, Not Harder. The gap between you and better grades isn't your intelligence - it's your study habits. Here are all the study tips and tricks I learned in medical school, that I wish I was using as a college student.

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Learn how to study smarter and more efficiently, which translates to better grades and more free time for the things you enjoy. This video will help you improve your grades and have you spend less time studying!

In medical school you are forced to learn information at a faster pace than in undergrad. These are the various strategies that helped me study more effectively and efficiently, and what I wish I knew during undergrad as a premed student. Life would have been much easier and I would have had more time to do other things if I knew these study tricks earlier.

Active vs Passive learning
Learning Environment
How to obtain information from lectures and textbooks
How to review information
Memorization techniques

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Disclaimer: Content of this video is my opinion and does not constitute medical advice. The content and associated links provide general information for general educational purposes only. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Kevin Jubbal, M.D. and Med School Insiders LLC will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

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Med School Insiders
What's your favorite study tip from this video?

Were there any others that you think I should have included? Let me know!
dirt lint
please do more on this
Nistexa Nishaa
Thank you so much for sharing us this amazing video
25 minute study? And ONLY 5 MINUTE BREAK !😼nah u do that.
-Luzi Cris-
I have german exam today. Wish me luck
Who else has finals tomorow?
Abygail Wilson
This is very helpful
I studying more than 25 minutes and i get overloaded by the school.
I create PowerPoints based on the material I learned that day
You should have podcast, this make us waste time, but we could listen to you while doing other tasks on a podcast
Mia Mia
One question: How can I organize all important information without review all the lecture PowerPoint?
Ed Sa
But I enjoy studying/ learning 📚
Monna-lisa Chavakitnamsiri-Mcdonald
wow this was really helpful! will use this for uni!
melika afshar alizadeh
It was really good thank you for that 😊😊😊😊
Just study all ur lesson it like some school like mine take average point of all my point
Jann Lawrence Films
The best way for me to study is:
1. When my teacher is announcing that there will be a test or there will be an exam. I always ask on what topic should I learn and what key points should I study so that I could narrow down the pages I should study.
2. Whenever I am in a gadget and feel like I'm bored of studying I watch videos like this to get me motivated to study.
3. Whenever I memorize something long I also listen to the sound and tone of my voice because when I play it back in my mind , there is a higher possibility that I could remember the information that I read. This works perfectly when I'm memorizing numbers because I can make a sound that will symbolize a number especially the digits of Pi.
4. When it comes to vocabulary, when I do not know a word. I tend to break it down and define it one by one to get the meaning of an undefined word. Or, using the context that surrounds the word that I do not know I can find like some minor details in which that word or phrase points out to the undefined word.
Jordi Lainez
Is Anki worth it?
Charlotte Elly
Thank you so much
Yufenyuy Lontum
Nice explanation doctor am in Cameroon in Africa our system of education is a nightmare doc but thanks a lot for this video.
Anastasia Jaafar
When you do all this shxt but you still slow
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How Long Your Favorite Food Study LESS, Study SMART 3 months ago   08:18

How long does the process of digestion last? Do you find yourself still hungry no matter how much you eat? If so, you might be eating foods that are too high on the glycemic index. It’s definitely something worth knowing if you’re struggling with excess weight.

The glycemic index is a system of values given to foods according to how quickly they cause an increase in blood glucose levels. To put that in layman’s terms, it basically measures how fast different foods are digested by the body. Glucose is a simple sugar that gives your body energy, and you get it from the foods you eat.

Your blood is what carries this sugar throughout your body to all your hungry cells and tissues. That’s why it’s called blood glucose. If you eat something that’s high on the index, your blood glucose will spike, giving you a fast boost of energy.

What glycemic index is 0:58
Foods that digest slowly 3:30
Foods that digest moderately 4:08
Foods that digest quickly 4:34
Foods that don’t have a glycemic index value 5:27
What about pizza? 6:09
Are all low-glycemic foods healthy? 6:43

Music by Epidemic Sound

- The glycemic index is a system of values given to foods according to how quickly they cause an increase in blood glucose levels. To put that in layman’s terms, it basically measures how fast different foods are digested by the body.
- If you eat something that’s high on the index, your blood glucose will spike, giving you a fast boost of energy.
- Foods and drinks are actually split into three groups: low, medium, and high. Low items rate from 1 to 55, medium is from 56 to 69, and high items are from 70 and above.
- According to the experts at Bodytomy, some low-glycemic foods, like cooked vegetables or a salad, can remain in your stomach anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.
- There are also foods that really don’t really have a glycemic index value since they don’t contain any carbs. But they can still take a while to be digested by your stomach. It can take you anywhere from 2 to 5 hours for your stomach to digest meats, like chicken, lamb, and pork.
- If you’re having pizza that’s just dough, cheese, and sauce, that might rate high on the glycemic index, mostly because of that dough. But believe it or not, adding toppings actually makes your slice healthier!
- You might encounter foods that will be low on the index, but if they’re processed, they most likely still contain tons of saturated fats, sugar, and empty calories.

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