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Mark Wiens
Best of Bangkok food tour with The Hungry Tourist:
Lechon Diva:
Watch more Filipino food here:

During the Best of Bangkok Food Tour with The Hungry Tourist (, Puppup (, and Mark Wiens (myself), one of the main events was the incredible lechon and entire Filipino food boodle fight (feast) prepared by Dedet, known as the Lechon Diva.

Lechon is a Filipino delicacy, roast pig, and the golden skin will blow your taste buds with crunchiness and flavor.

Lechon Diva is legendary in the Philippines, and throughout the world for cooking one of the best versions, and a gourmet version of Filipino lechon. This is no ordinary lechon, her lechon is stuffed with truffle rice. I arrived early in order to see the process as they set the table - 4 pigs, 26 kilos of rice, and a never ending supply of crabs, oxtail, and vegetables - really an ultimate Filipino boodle fight.

The lechon was unbelievably delicious, the combination of the skin, the oozy truffle rice, and the meat.

We had an amazing time experiencing a Filipino food tradition - boodle fight - and one of the best lechon’s you’ll find in the world.

Thank you again to Lechon Diva and team for an outstanding lechon boodle fight experience.

Thank you to David - The Hungry Tourist - for organizing.

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Chef Ton (Le Du):

And thank you to Sorn for hosting us:


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Tina Hall
hmmmmmm, you don't need teeth for this! Haha
Adel Elashmawy
Pobre cochinito se llamaba Peter visit Alaniso in you tube he teach don't eat animals
Agnes Aquino
Omg.Mark Weins yiu lucky you
Dont have high blood you eat
Skin of lechon you should have
Apple cider to mix with soy souce with vinegar so skin will
Stayed your body
Agnes Aquino
Mark your eyes excited when tasted all food are good filipino
Excellent in philippines
Agnes Aquino
Poor little pig they celebrate to welcome Mark Weins taste all
Kind of food to visiting the philippines best food you can eat the littlel babylechion
The Sightseer
So yummmyyyy!
UgLy_bOi Herrera
Proud to pinoy!!! 👍🏻 Mark Weins!
Sasha Sellars
Dude you look so ridiculous stuffing your face
Ram Navato
It is an honor to be invited in this kind of occasions.
I really like your videos but I guess that I am picky bc I don’t like fat on my 🍖.
Lang Chauvin
That's yummy Mark. You're a natural boodle fighter. I'm jealous my mouth waters👍
Pie Miller
Daing... you need to have a serving knife and fork to slice and cut the lechon. Do not use your hand because you’ve already put that in your mouth.., so unhygienic ... just like you do not use your personal
Spoon as a serving spoon once you put it in your mouth!
neil budworth
like to eat with my feet 1 day
neil budworth
everytime I eat I watch you how u eat
Dumb question, Mark, but do you ever get tired of food?? I mean don't you feel you need to do a cleanse once in a while?
Jesson Rabi
traditional lechon is more delicious than this oven thing lechon..
DangeRus -Random Video-
Harvy Gacula
The true lechon is bigger than that for sure! Full size lechon bigger than that table ammarite?
wealthy Pearl
Wien please put up a boodle restaurant in Thailand like this in bangkok please
Mertina Francienne
Piglet is more delicious than the big ones
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Singapore Food Review - BEST Meet the LECHON DIVA of the Philippines 1 day ago   05:46

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If you’re looking for some of the best Chinese style roast meat in Singapore, Kim Heng Cafe is one of the best places to visit. As soon as you walk into the open air food court hawker centre, at the back you’ll see the main part of the cafe that serves all sorts of different Hong Kong styles roast meat - there’s roast duck, roast pork belly, roast chicken, and char siu - those are the main combinations of meat that I saw. On the top of the meat cabinet you’ll find the menu where you can order all sorts of different combinations of roast meat - if you want roast duck and roast pork, or if you want roast chicken and char siu, or what I chose, the roast duck and char siu combination.

I got my plate or roast duck and char siu and it came topped over a plate of rice with a dark sauce on the rice. The meat was absolutely glistening in the light of the cafe. I started with the roast duck which was unbelievably succulent and juicy, yet it was quite lean apart from the layer of crispy skin fat on the outside. It was the best roast duck I’ve had in Singapore. The char siu was equally as good, with an incredible mix of both fat and meat all blended together to make it irresistibly good and so juicy as well.

Kim Heng Cafe serves some of the best roast meat in Singapore, and when you visit and see the cabinet full of roast meats it’s impossible to resist.

Kim Heng Cafe - Roast Meat in Singapore
Address: 214 Serangoon Avenue 4, #01-88, Singapore 550214
Open hours: 8:30 am – 7 pm daily
Prices: $5 per plate, but more for plates of meat
How to get there: I took the MRT to Serangoon station, and it was about a 10 minute walk from there.


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