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You likely know me as the guy who travels, puts a funny spin on everything, and enjoys a drink or two. Well, guess what-- I'm still that guy! But, I'm also another guy. A guy with deep concerns for the environment. I've been hesitant over the past few years to reveal this other guy, because it's a heavy topic, and most people know me as a very light-hearted fellow. But, I think you guys can handle it! I'm trusting that you can, I'm hoping that you appreciate it, and maybe even want to jump on the bandwagon. Or, in the least, just hang back and allow me to do my thing!

It has taken me a long time to figure out how someone like me can bring about real change. When I initially began trying to decide how to create an ACTUAL impact it was a bit overwhelming, and also, in a way, defeating... man I felt small!

As you know, climate change is a huge problem. We are seeing it's affects in temperature change, weather anomalies, and displaced and dying ecosystems. Don't get caught up int he "global warming debate". Environmental change is indisputable. I don't want to overwhelm you with the science that you likely already know, but the future isn't too bright if things continue the way they have been. That being said, on a tree is where I decided to "hang my hat," because, again, I'm about maximum impact. You see, with trees, this shit is fixable! With enough trees, we can actually REVERSE climate change and eco destruction. Yes, REVERSE! So that's what I'm going to do. That's the "why". Here's the "how".

I'm going to plant three trees for every item from my ADV3NTURE clothing that is sold. The "3" in our name stands for the three trees that we plant. Last year, we began a relationship with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, (AATA). If you haven't heard of them, you will. These guys are at the top of the science of cloning old growth forest trees to reestablish the ancient oxygen makers and carbon dioxide filterers. You know these monoliths as the Giant Sequoia and the Redwood trees. AATA has cloned thousands of these pest, fire and drought resistant trees, and they are itching to get planting. Lucky for us... they like me (and my wife, Mel... and the Adv3nture team), and we've teamed up to get this project rolling. And not just the to plant the giants. We'll be planting local indigenous trees too, wherever they are required, or deemed to be of maximum benefit to the local ecosystem. This is all going to be done in the United States. Not because I don't like remote locations... I really do love a remote island and a nice rum drink... but maximum impact for me is right here, right now. At home! (Also, I know the entire world will benefit from our efforts in the US.)

Here's where you come in. All I need you to do is be open minded. I imagine that some of you are thinking...."this climate thing really doesn't affect me." If that is you, can you at least be supportive for the benefit of your kids, your nieces and nephews, your pets? Because the hard fact is that they will see a world very different from the current one (not different in a good way) you are living in now. If you want to take action, plant some trees. Cultivate them and watch them grow. We'll be doing our part of Adv3nture. We have planting parties and other events, because, well, saving the world should be fun!

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Jill Garbart
I miss your amazing videos......
B Cooke
Here are the trees I planted last year. A Chilean Mesquite, Two Crepe Myrtles and a Lime Tree. Yes, the last one is purely for personal enjoyment! Many more trees to come. Thanks Zane. Keep up the good work.
trees are the best, love the forest and will always keep planting.
Peter Suwara
Awesome work Zane !
Carl Lesto
Gotta say, I think I've watched nearly every single video you've released and the fact that this is your first real serious video just goes to show that you have changed so much over the years. Love this video and I'll do what I can. My little townhouse yard is way to small for three trees but there's other ways as well.
Geoff Greapentrog
Eloquently put Zane! cheers
I remember when he did girls gone wild and Three sheets. now someone filled his head with this fake gobbledygook. Doesn't he hoc rum?
Carly Anne
And plant a bee garden! ☺️
David Ducharme
great video, it goes better accompanied by a Moat Mount Iron mike Pale Ale.

I'll plant three trees.
James D. Wheeler
Start a new show 3 tree's Im planting 3 this spring ....Promise!
James D. Wheeler
Im proud of you Zane! Your not just a Brilliant entertainer, you are a man of substance. Its not easy pulling that off without sounding political or cliche, but you did! I still wish you had a regular tv show. Im sick of Bourdain!
Organize And be Happy
Love your videos
Heather Palmer
Awesome Zane. This planet needs alot of help. We are killing it. I also love your upcycle bottles for your Monkey Rums. We can all make a difference. 🐒
Albert Shamah
Way to go Zane. You've come a long way since three sheets (I still miss that show every day... Oh... And pleplius)
S Button
Yes but where do I plant 3 trees? Last I checked I can't just go around planting trees.
Hey Zane, thank you for not taking the political route on this one.  Everything is WAY over politicized these days.  While I am in the camp of people who hasn't seen enough imperial evidence to show that global warming is a thing, I do think that the biggest change people can make is in themselves to help the environment.  Stop polluting, recycle, dispose of trash properly, plant some trees! Trees are awesome, they cleanse the air, the produce oxygen and absorb CO2, and provide shade. Who doesn't like trees!?  So again, thanks for not politicizing it, because honestly, it's not a political issue, it's only made to be one.  Good luck in your noble quest!
a. kramer
Maybe all those travellers should stay home a little more to reduce polution?
Well Said! Be the change you want to see.
You gotta go to South Korea again, brah. That was your best 3 sheets vid
Will I am Beau
Great video, hope u can get the movement started!
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Marine dad surprises his kids as they Tree Video 1 day ago   11:18

A Pennsylvania mom tricked the kids: They thought they were just out on the tree farm to pick out a tree, but mom - with the help of dad - had arranged for him to surprise them among the trees. Dad, a Marine, is stationed overseas and surprised them just in time for Christmas.