KENTUCKY WOMAN PULLS A GUN WHEN Ram Air IV GTO vs Chevelle SS 454 LS6 - 1/4 mile Drag Race 1 day ago   02:08

Patrick Glenn Nichols Musclecar Barn Finds
UPDATE!!!! THE SON IS ALIVE AND WELL AND INFO FROM SOURCES WAS INCORRECT. This holy grail 1970 Chevelle LS6 SS454 from my understanding of info from individuals who live in the area has been sitting in this woman’s yard for many years. She was very protective of the car and went inside and brought out a revolver hand gun to hold as she made it real clear that the car was a subject that was very hard to talk about and it wasn’t for sale. I respectfully left and did a drive by video before driving away.

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Big Ghost
I hope she finally wants to sell it should’ve stop a locals sheriff tell him the concern n have them ask for before stepping on private prop
RacerRick Weber
The owner is 10 years old and he pulled a nuke on my brother inlaws cousin Stymie.
Jashwa Ramsey
Beautiful car
Nec Ozzi
Alot of those country folk people don't want money. They are happy with what they have and the objects they own mean more to them than money. I would advise you to forget about that car. I will give you an example of my personal. I have a dog that has a mark of what resembles the mark of Allah on his forehead. A Saudi millionaire offered me 1 million dollars for my dog but I refused the money because the dog brings my more joy than the money would. Same goes for that woman and the car.
ICU Motors
mad mafia
We don’t play around in Kentucky
"Will drive by slow", parks in the middle of the effin road lol.
Josh James
I live in Floyd county, pass this car every single day!
Warner Robins
Your a prick, leave people alone you perv
Nik Baret
Where's the GUN PULLING lady ???
Slick Andrews
Too bad, all the way around.
You'd think SOMEONE related would have put that thing in THE 4 CAR GARAGE THAT'S LESS THAN 30 FEET BEHIND IT.

Where I grew up in Texas, there was a guy who had at least 50 or so REALLY COOL old cars on his property... I don't know if he had any sort of 'sentimental attachment' to any one of them, but he wouldn't sell any one of 'em for love or money... But he'd always put one out by the road, as if it were "for sale" or to attract attention.

Me and friends would stop by to ask if the '51 Mercury was for sale... Or the next month, is that '53 Coupe DeVille for sale?
Every time, ya'd get a "no, it's gonna be worth money one day", and after 15 or 20 minutes, the guy would start acting like you were in his hair bothering him... So you'd basically then get chased off...

Well, we all watched those cars turn to pure crap over the years- trees grew up through some of them, they all rusted and rotted... But we came up with the theory that the old fella used them as "bait" for "company".... I guess it worked. But it now seems sad when I look back on it.... All the way around.

Even now, not 20 miles in either direction of where I live, I know of a '57 BelAir convertible that's sat outside and rotted for at least the last 15 years... All still "there" except for the top, interior and carpet.... And in the other direction, there's a 1960 Dart Phoenix convertible that's sat and rotted in the same place for so long, just imagine perfect sheetmetal, chrome and stainless... But ONLY from the sills and up. The rest of that particular car is sunken and/or rusted away from the frame stubs DOWN... And neither one of the owners is even remotely interested in anyone even trying to HELP them preserve what's left... Let alone sell it.
They are ALL LS6's at this point....SMH.
Sam Halbert
Son ain’t dead so why the hostility?
Jay A.
At least push it inside if nothing else before it sprouts a tree thru the floorboard!
The video would of been great but the “pull the gun” in the title ruined it!
Patrick Baptist
So where in the video was it anyone had a gun exactly??? The title lead one to believe the video was of that claim.... *Click bait.*
You really should leave that old woman alone, you don't know what she has been dealing with there and well if things go wrong or stolen, you might be the first to blame since you were videoing her property which could be taken as not so innocent.
I say this out of care and respect, you wouldn't want to do this to someone that has a grandson like me, you would never be able to sleep peaceful again, I sure wouldn't allow someone to harass my grandmother is what I am saying.
A tag number and a 2 page request to the state dept of revenue and I would know where your car is registered to, it doesn't take much anymore to find a man. I'm not a peaceful guy with people that are mean to the elderly, I wouldn't care what a person claims their intent to be, my only real care would be to leave the old lady alone and don't make her feel fearful....
Please don't take me the wrong way, I've watched a few of your videos and liked them but not so much this one, really this could be taken as stalking and if it were my granny, that's all I would believe that is going on and deal with it as such.
Skip Hughes
Where was the gun let alone lady Haha. What a joke
David King
Needs to be inside anyway
Herbert Johnson
Not very friendly huh? How about stone crazy?
Steve B
should go buy her a portable garage and tell her she wont have so many people wanting it if its out of sight a free garage might make her think a little different of you
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Ram Air IV GTO vs Chevelle SS 454 LS6 - 1/4 mile Drag Race KENTUCKY WOMAN PULLS A GUN WHEN 1 day ago   01:56 1/4 mile drag race between a very rare 1969 Ram Air IV GTO and a rare 1970 LS6 SS454 Chevelle. The GTO is 1 of 759 built in 1969, and the LS6 Chevelle is 1 of 4475. The Chevelle SS has a 450 HP solid lifter 454. The GTO has a 370 HP Ram Air IV 400 cubic inch.


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