Best Universities in the World 5 countries offering free education 4 months ago   03:45

Top 10 - Best and Most Prestigious Universities in the World 2012
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Ashish Panigrahi
What soundtrack is this ?
Yin Wang
look at different departments, then compare them between universities, that makes more sense.
srikanth reddy tiyyagura
LLB through distance education from IGNOU. if you are known plz send the details 9703729103
Pradeep Kumar
Colin Luby
Have room where you can not hear people killing each other, shagging, loud music or who knock on your door, ten times a day. A library where the other members are not trying to kill you and the staff are actually polite, can smile and know something even remotely academic. Books that are actually affordable
Capital investments
REMEMBER FOLKS AND YOUNG KIDS. They say they are the best universities. But says who? Them selves? By you having a degree of a certain university doesn't make you more or less successful that's your character and how well you overcome obstacles. Your success is not dictate by where you went to school. I know people that graduated from almost none existing schools that do way better then Harvard students
Amy Shen
Lol, I can’t get admission in any of these universities so I can only watch a YouTube video describes how good they are.
Annie Jackeline1997
what is this soundtrack?
Be happy what will have
Mahesh C
Some brit guy threw all UK universities just to feel good, most of the best Universities are in USA.
Parth Bharihoke
Oxbridge has given more to the world 🗺
Kim James
John Harvard did his undergraduate in Cambridge tho and his college located in the fake Cambridge :) no offence
cường phan
I love you harvard
My university is AL QASSIM UNIVERSITY saudi arabia
Sir Asuka Langley Sohryu
whoever made and uploaded this vid is obviously a brit
William Olsen
Oxbridge is the best. No university will ever come close.
Archa A J
i want to go to cambridge
Deniz Muratlı
Wow, great job UK!
Only one university of Oxford from UK 🇬🇧 😏
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5 countries offering free education Best Universities in the World 4 months ago   04:09

5 countries offering free education to International students !! Free ! Free ! Free

5. Finland
4. Austria
3. Sweden
2. Norway
1. Germany