Dominic Monaghan & Elijah Wood Elijah Wood Teaches You How To Build 1 day ago   04:24

Team Coco
Dominic and his "Lord Of The Rings" co-star love to nerd out in their free time.

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*_Rain_* *-Dst-*
das he have bronkaitis
gusshh clear ur troath beech
Michiel Adamse
And now he's in starwars 😂😂
Lilly Roßow
When you were so happy to see him in ,,Star Wars - Rise of Skywalker“ and now hearing Star Wars was the reason he has become an actor😍
Torpal Yusupov
You kick balls
Mp Golip haunts
He likes star wars he is now in star wars he's living his dream
Roman Driver
*wigs intensifies"
Lowkey miss the old format for certain guests tbh
haha build millenium falcon lego love it!!!!
Pasta Lover
I like his voice it reminds me of when he played Charlie in LOST.
Summer Neblett
It took me three hours to build the 2011 Millennium Falcon. I got it for Christmas around that time and spent the entire morning building it.
do u wear vigs
I blame Tom green for my weirdness
He doesn't really think much of Matthew fox lol
1:36 epic "noooooooo"
emily cheetham
Funniest thing is Dom pranking Elijah video. It’s called- prank interview with Elijah wood.
Cersei Lannister
He still looks like a boy
he looks like a 9-year-old adult, omg
I can't tell if I see him more as the LOTR guy or the Lost guy haha
Star Wars is the reason he became an actor and now he's going to be in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, how cool
Gabriel Caro
Is he a smoker?
Виль Губайдуллин
Мне кажется, его голос похож на голос Карлина
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Elijah Wood Teaches You How To Build Dominic Monaghan & Elijah Wood 1 day ago   03:39

Elijah Wood shares a useful trick he learned on the set of 'Wilfred."