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Taking The 1000Hp Prelude Down | 700Hp Prelude Wrecks The Texas - At Up-Tube.com

Taking The 1000Hp Prelude Down 700HP Prelude WRECKS the Texas 2 months ago   26:27

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Comments 1237 Comments

Coco Vixen
You should get a 2000 vtec honda pralude tipe sh
Clayton Thomas
Charlie Foxtrot
Guy in red truck look like shawn Michael's
SacBoi Sneakerheadd
How much did It cost to build this? even an expert estimate would be good
Brendan Geraghty
That Honda engine in the WRX is the worst engine swap I've seen. Washers to space the subframe? Hacksaw Boiz.
ธวัชชัย กะการดี
What is this model car
Pink Pineapple
Not all Hondas are ricers
Travis Rader
Im sorry but this vid was nothing but disappointment.
1970 olds442
Honda makes a good lawn mower
Drum Method
Dam. E85 🔥
Cringed when he pulled the chute on an 11 second pass 😂 then the money shift...😂 Dig the vid tho
Bandit Biker
Sequential trans for the lude!
Tech NO City
Itz simple gang it needs more fuel
Matthew Borell
I’d love to see what u guys could do with a bigger budget
LS 327
Wicked video
Wim van de Steeg
like the vids, but really dont like the faces so close to the cam...
Kae King
I swear on everything honda i had a feeling Ricky was gonna crash after he showed us his son.... Now I'm over tripping the fu€k out that he did....................😮
Ezra Andrade
Yoooo no fucking wayyyy!! His name is Ezra and so is mine I’ve never heard of someone with my name lol
Shaun Chin
Hahaha.......Brent missed third 😂😂😂😂..........been hanging out with Kyle too long.......🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Popdogski had the best prelude.
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700HP Prelude WRECKS the Texas Taking The 1000Hp Prelude Down 2 months ago   04:21

From the BOOSTED NIGHTS DVD Now Shipping - http://goo.gl/WGokKF ‎

We’ve seen this Prelude before, and it’s definitely a force to be reckon with! The H22 with a Precision 6266 strapped onto it is no joke - putting down a WHOPPING 700hp to the wheels! Notice the big tire on the front of this Honda…it’s obvious this is a serious setup. Taking on 700+ hp LSx cars, and a 2JZ S2000, this little four cylinder does WORK! Check out this feature as we ride along in this awesome high horsepower machine!