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Taking The 1000Hp Prelude Down | 700Hp Prelude Wrecks The Texas - At Up-Tube.com

Taking The 1000Hp Prelude Down 700HP Prelude WRECKS the Texas 3 days ago   26:27

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Comments 1237 Comments

Austin Ruest
“Ohhh she’s loosey”

*clip cuts*

You know shit got real nasty for a min 😂
Justin The Matrix— Jesus is King
Yo I had a 4th gen prelude I miss it man.
That money shift sounded like it got up to 13-14k rpm
Team Wabeenology
Can we just talk about the idle of the prelude
The Dro
I really love seeing the footage from the point of view across all the channels.
K LifeStyle
Might need a new turbo? Sounds like turbo lag maybe the bearings are shot
Amateur prostock Drags.

Some rivals:

Mazda mx6
ford probe
mistu eclipse talon
toyo celica
dodge avenger coupe
vw corrado
acura integra

all from 1995 MY
hell no
maybe spark blow out under boost?
Average Car Guy
When in the hell did Kyle get his braces of lmao I'm late asf
Levi Parrish
Wait..... what was the mph on the prelude again?
Hans Schnitzel
6:24 pure happiness Brent is the man!
garrett sykes
What engine is in that prelude??
James Roberts
Boy needs that cross in the lude
F Gee
That lude sketchy af
Nick Tester
Who cares what anyone else says you guys became who you are from doing what you do just keep doing you brother
Shawn Jones
4th gen ludes are da shit. I had 2. Lol. Is this the same lude that was on 1320 a while back?
irgaming315 420
Hell Yeah brother I made it on y’all video @23:50 I’m so fucking happy right now 😆😆
Ogreckner Ryzaog
My boy Andrew went high 10s with 420hp in the quarter mile. Not hating but why can't you get into the low 10s with 900hp?
Jon Ripely
Money shift
Jake Younger
4:58 dude is domed
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700HP Prelude WRECKS the Texas Taking The 1000Hp Prelude Down 3 days ago   04:21

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We’ve seen this Prelude before, and it’s definitely a force to be reckon with! The H22 with a Precision 6266 strapped onto it is no joke - putting down a WHOPPING 700hp to the wheels! Notice the big tire on the front of this Honda…it’s obvious this is a serious setup. Taking on 700+ hp LSx cars, and a 2JZ S2000, this little four cylinder does WORK! Check out this feature as we ride along in this awesome high horsepower machine!